Erich Nowsch: Teen Arrested In Road Rage Killing Was Mentored By Victim Tammy Meyers

Erich Nowsch has been arrested for the road rage killing of Las Vegas mother Tammy Meyers, with police nabbing the 19-year-old in a tense scene that included the victim’s husband shouting at the suspect.

Police arrested Nowsch on Thursday for the killing of the 44-year-old Meyers, who was shot in the head last week and died on Valentine’s Day. Tammy Meyers knew Nowsch and had frequently counseled him, her husband Robert said after the arrest.

Erich Nowsch was arrested after an hour-long standoff that included Robert Meyers trying to get close to the house as police coaxed the teen out. At one point Robert turned to a news crew and shouted, “There’s the (expletive) who killed my wife. And a block away!”

“Are you all happy? You made my wife look like an animal,” he told reporters. “There’s the animal, a block away!”

Police initially said that Nowsch followed Meyers home after a confrontation on the road and shot her in the head as she exited her car. It was later revealed that Tammy Meyers picked up her 23-year-old son, who was armed with a handgun, and went looking for Nowsch.

Some neighbors believe that both sides could have handled the tragic situation differently.

“We all make mistakes and apparently they made a mistake and the ultimate price was her life,” said Sean Fast, a neighbor. “That’s the lesson we can learn just try to avoid confrontation with other people.”

Robert Meyers told reporters that his wife had given Nowsch money and “tried to teach him how to be a man.” KLAS-TV reported that Tammy Meyers “had spent countless hours counseling the teen.”

It is unclear if the two had a falling out, or whether there could be more behind the road rage incident. Police have yet to release further details.

Family members were hit hard by her death, which was all the more difficult coming on Valentine’s Day. Some friends also set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for hospital and funeral expenses.

“Tammy was shot in the head and lost her battle with life this Valentines Day,” the page read, “a day her and her husband cherished every year for the last 25 years where he would always bring her red roses. Today, we watched as her husband Robert gave her the last red roses that she will ever receive.”

Erich Nowsch is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and discharging a firearm in a vehicle.