WWE News: Longtime WWE Star’s Rumored Retirement Gaining Speed As ‘WrestleMania 31’ Approaches

For months now, there have been rumors that longtime WWE star Goldust was going to end up retiring sometime in 2015. After those rumors started floating around, Goldust himself addressed them and laughed them off. Well, it appears as if the plans are playing out just as speculated and now the retirement of Goldust is once again in question.

Back in January, the rumors were running wild that Goldust was going to retire sometime after WrestleMania 31. The tag team of The Dust Brothers would split up, they would feud, have a match at the big Pay-Per-View, and Goldust would retire to become a WWE agent.

Goldust has always been one to buck what is being said about him, and he made sure to let the world know that he had no plans on retiring anytime soon.

It’s no secret that Goldust has long wanted to wrestle his brother Cody Rhodes (Stardust) at WretleMania, and now it appears to be headed that way. The tension has come about between The Dust Brothers in recent weeks and they will meet up at WWE Fastlane, per Examiner.

Some speculate that the feud between Stardust and Goldust could continue past Fastlane and ultimately culminate at WrestleMania 31. If that were to happen, it would give Goldust exactly what he has longed for, over many years.

According to WrestleZone, the talks of Goldust’s retirement have started to heat up with the so-called rumors beginning to play out as speculated.

The split between he and Stardust has now happened with Cody Rhodes going out on his own. Although it appears as if he wants to keep the Stardust gimmick. The feud has started up between The Dust Brothers, and very well could end at WrestleMania 31.

Goldust is 45-years-old and has almost 30 years in the wrestling business. He is still able to compete at a high level in the ring, but he can only do it for so much longer. His time with WWE has easily won him a spot with the company for life.

It’s highly likely that Goldust will go on to be an agent or backstage producer for WWE once his in-ring career is over. While it’s not guaranteed that he is going to retire after WrestleMania 31, it looks like the end may be coming for the career of the 17-time WWE title holder.

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