‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Players Can Now Create Custom Hero Biographies Thanks To New ‘Dragon Age Keep’ Update

Fans of BioWare’s popular Dragon Age franchise can now further customize their on-going collection of personal decisions and choices from each installment of the role-playing series. The official Twitter account for the Dragon Age Keep announced today that the web-based application received an update that introduced a few new features.

The Dragon Age Keep was built to allow gamers to specify the choices that they made within earlier Dragon Age titles so that a custom world state could be built within Dragon Age: Inquisition. This gives users the chance to experience slightly different occurrences inside the most recent entry of the series, thus giving fans a sense that their previous gameplay decisions might have a lasting impact on the future of the Dragon Age franchise.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

The developer released a small list of changes that were applied to the Dragon Age Keep after today’s new update in a brief post on the official BioWare forums. The biggest change now gives Dragon Age users the ability to write custom biographies for the previous protagonists of the series for both default and custom heroes alike.

  • You can now create custom biographies for default heroes in addition to ones for custom heroes. Just click the pencil icon next to your hero’s bio in either in the Tapestry or ‘Heroes’ section. Please note: if you customized a hero biography within the last two weeks, it may not appear. Do not fear! Your custom description is still there, it’s just hidden temporarily.
  • The Keep is no longer in open beta. However, we’re continuing to add new features, make changes and are still accepting your feedback!
  • Various bug fixes throughout the site and the ISS.

Alongside the release of the update, BioWare also revealed that they are currently finishing work on allowing Dragon Age fans to be able to include their choices from Inquisition on their personal Dragon Age Keep tapestry. This will allow players to continue to use the application for future installments so that it would also track their decisions from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The PC beta for Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s Patch 5 is also currently underway as the Inquisitr reported earlier this week. The test will help BioWare release the title’s next update, which will include increased item storage and additional character customization options, with fewer bugs.

Did you use the Dragon Age Keep before playing Inquisition, or did you just use the default world state that was provided?

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