Kenya Moore: ‘I’m More Empathetic Towards Apollo,’ Implies Phaedra Parks Is A Schemer

Kenya Moore is making it clear whose side she is on in the Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida breakup, and she is certainly not backing the other housewife. The former beauty queen accuses Parks of being on another smear campaign, implying her RHOA co-star is a schemer.

Kenya took to her Bravo blog Thursday to air her feelings about the disturbing confrontation that went down between Phaedra and Apollo on Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Moore admits that although Apollo was the one who started the rumor that made her life hell for two years, she takes his side in what went down between Parks and Nida because at least he apologized for lying.

“I find myself more empathetic toward Apollo, because the difference between Phaedra and Apollo is that Apollo had the decency to apologize to me for what he had done to me. He showed contrition for his smear campaign and Phaedra has not. She is seemingly proud of what she did to me and has no remorse.”

Kenya implies her cast mate is a schemer who is manipulating the situation so Parks can later defend herself against rumors that she is cheating with a man nicknamed “Chocolate.”

“When I witnessed all the accusations about him threatening to burn the house down, having punched holes in the walls (which we did not see), and her mother stating she doesn’t want to come home and find ‘everybody dead,’ it seemed to me like another one of her smear campaigns, thereby making it easier to defend the cheating allegations coming down the pike.”

While Nida did admit earlier this season on RHOA that he lied when he said the reality TV star propositioned him — and to his credit, Apollo apologized to Kenya on camera for the world to witness — it is curious that Moore has not stopped to consider that Apollo is once again lying in an effort to ruin his wife’s reputation, just like he tried to do to her. She goes so far as to continue on with what could turn out to be another mistruth put forth by a man who is a known liar.

“What I see without any manipulation is a man who is hurting, angry, and afraid that he will lose his children because Phaedra refuses to bring them to see him in prison and who also believes his wife has moved on with another man before the bed even got cold. By his account, his wife, who promised to be with him until death do them part, really meant until ‘Chocolate’ do them part.”

From the sneak preview for the upcoming episode of RHOA, Phaedra Parks does not take too kindly to Kenya Moore helping Apollo spread the rumor about this alleged affair.

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[Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]