Kanye Disses Chris Brown — Will They Beef?

Is a Chris Brown and Kanye West beef in the works? The hip-hop industry wouldn’t be what it is without some good beef between performers. Hollywood Life reports that Kanye may have instigated the beginning of any potential beef by rapping about the “Loyal” singer’s relationship with model Karrueche Tran. The two have had an on-again-off-again relationship for the past five years, which has been the focus of plenty of gossip online and in magazines. So is the “Four Five Seconds” rapper just trying to be topical, or is he really throwing shade at the couple?

The song is “All Your Fault” by Big Sean, featuring Kanye West, and it’s Kanye’s rap that disses the couple — or rather, he appears to be dissing Chris Brown.

“Young Walt Disney, I’ma tell you truthfully
If you leave Mickey you gon’ end up with a Goofy
I imagine that’s what Chris told Karrueche…”

It looks like Kanye is saying that Chris Brown told Karrueche Tran that she won’t find anybody better than him. Never mind the fact that Goofy doesn’t even rhyme with Karrueche, was the lyric a jab at Brown, Tran, or both of them?