Chinese Horoscope Advice For New Year 2015, Year Of The Wood Goat

Happy Chinese New Year! With the new year comes new, Chinese horoscopes. This interesting read lays out all signs for the year, collectively. What does yours say?

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Chinese Horoscope: Rat (Sagittarius)

In essence, it’s time for you to embrace change. The new year may start off shakey. However, once you get rid of some dead weight, you may be fine.

“The powerful March 20 Total Eclipse asks you to surrender what no longer works in your life. The added stability of Wood helps Rats feel safe but daring all at once. Practicality and creativity intertwine in potent synergy.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Ox (Capricorn)

Likewise to the Rat, you should consider relieving yourself of excess weight in your life. Renew your spirit as best as possible.

“Goat helps Ox experience the load-lightening effect of teamwork. You might occasionally choose play over work! After a slow start, the April 18 New Moon promises renewal in any area close to your heart.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Tiger (Aquarius)

During this time, you may think you’ve become soft and timid. However, this is not the case. This will simply be a trial season for you.

“Tiger’s speed, brains, grace, and courage will be tempered by social Goat’s laid-back, nurturing ways. Refuse to be discouraged if faced with any disappointments or delays in March and April. The strength of your ideas is being tested.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Rabbit (Pisces)

As a symbol of luck, you should know you’ll be able to bounce back from any obstacle or circumstance you may encounter. Focus on building relationships in the meantime.

“As the year begins, things are unsettled. Don’t take this personally. There’s nothing wrong with you. Play to your strong suit: your ability to mix with others. Goat’s love of bringing people together makes this a power year for Rabbits to build lasting and influential contacts. The March 20 Solar Eclipse offers a critical opportunity to set boundaries or clarify long-term goals.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Dragon (Aries)

Focus on teamwork, with others as well as yourself. Self-sabotage is a culprit in unrealized goals as well. Be watchful.

“Peace-loving Goat encourages you to be more collaborative in pursuing your interests. A grounded, sensible Wood influenced approach spells success for any subject that arouses your passions. The March 20 Total Eclipse brings Dragons to a crossroads at the height of their personal power.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Snake (Taurus)

Though you’d be more approachable, there are still users in the world. Possibly tread lightly among your newfound friendships.

“Trust that what you must surrender (or lose) this year, you no longer need. Despite your sardonic wit, which not everybody understands, the friendly energy of Goat makes you a much more approachable Snake. After a slow start early in the year, the mysterious gears of destiny begin to turn in your favor. Don’t surrender your native Snake skepticism. Some things are too good to be true.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Horse (Gemini)

Along with freeing yourself of excess weigh and mental constraint, work on your tolerance of others.

“In Wood years, things take longer to mature. The analytical reasonableness of Wood helps you control your temper. It’s a big plus as Goat values diplomacy and teambuilding over going it alone. The March 20 Total Eclipse marks a critical point of decision making. Throughout the year, you and others will be challenged to surrender what no longer works.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Goat (Cancer)

Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. Of course, this isn’t cause to just stand with your hand out either. However, there will be those around you who are willing to lend a helping hand.

“Expect to find sympathetic friends wherever you go. This can lead to improved working or financial conditions. You simply have to have the courage to ask. The March 20 Solar Eclipse can be a point of critical decision-making. Powerful forces for change are best managed with the careful analysis and practical planning Wood energy encourages. This could be a landmark problem-solving year for creative, happy Goat.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Monkey (Leo)

It seems like not discourages more than setbacks. Well, be aware that they do happen. And while this is the case, it’s not the end.

“You may look back on the March 20 Solar Eclipse as a point where everything changed. Set goals early and refuse to give up. The social graces encouraged by Goat help you be even wittier, wiser, and quicker than usual. Wood years encourage slow growth and practical solutions. Monkey will find it easy to be in the center of projects where kindness, teamwork, and unusual collaborations open exciting doors of possibility.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Rooster (Virgo)

Patience is the word of the day. Simply put.

“Your love of rules and order remains strong, but you’ll find it easier to be a team player. Gentle, social Goat eases a tendency to judge the world and find it wanting. Not that you’ll be thrilled with people’s careless, incompetent ways. Influenced by Wood, you may discover benefits in being extra tolerant. The March 20 Eclipse sparks a time of significant change. Goat energy helps Roosters surrender familiar things, ideas, or methods that no longer serve your best interests.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Dog (Libra)

Since you’re loyal, honest and devoted to your endeavors, you’ll have it more easy than the average person. But you’ll have happy and content either way.

“This is not to say there won’t be challenges. Delays and unexpected turns of fortune can have you questioning your ability to care for others as you would like. Events near the March 20 Solar Eclipse may demand both courage and diplomacy. Goat optimism helps you see and appreciate the true value of all you do. Goat’s need for happy relationships coupled with the slow growth of Wood can help you heal and overcome any longstanding family problems.” Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Horoscope: Pig (Scorpio)

Though you’re strong and cheerful, you also have a tendency to overdo it. Know your limits and stay within your means.

“You’ll be lighter on your feet than usual, and ready for spontaneous action of all sorts as your like-minded compatriot, Goat, beckons you to come out and play. By all means, just say yes. Beware, though, of overdoing it – you don’t want to wake up on the floor wearing someone else’s glasses! If you let sensible Wood temper the urge to overindulge, this will be a year of growth and pleasure. Pigs just want to have fun!” Chinese New Year 2015

So, are you ready to take on the year? What are your thoughts on the Chinese calendar?

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