Police Turn To Facebook To Find The ‘Rightful’ Owner Of A Bag Filled With Cocaine

Did you drop your bag filled with cocaine somewhere?

After officials from the Crewe Police Department in Southwest Virginia found a bag of cocaine inside a Super Dollar store in the town, they thought it would be a great idea to turn to social media to contact the owner of the cocaine filled bag and ask the above question. According to Yahoo! News, in a Facebook post on the official page of the Crewe Police Department, they have requested the “rightful” owner of the cocaine-filled bag to contact them if he/she believes that the police is in possession of their property and wishes to talk to them about the same.

The Facebook post reads as follows.

“On 2/17/15 we were called to Super Dollar for narcotics that had been found in the store. We are now in possession of a white substance that appears to be cocaine. If you mistakenly dropped your cocaine today and were at the Super Dollar, please contact us. We would like to talk with you further about your property.”

Crewe Police Department Cocaine Facebook status

Crewe is a small town with a population of just over 2,200 residents, reports the Washington Post — but the simple Facebook post, made in pure jest, has now ensured that several others would now know about the existence of the town. Why? Simply because the Facebook post asking for the owner of the cocaine laden bag to contact the police gone viral and has reached mainstream news channels and is being reported worldwide. The cocaine bag related post has received over 400 likes and shares, and over 100 comments at the time of publishing this article.

Did officials from the Crewe Police Department actually believe that someone would turn up asking for their bag of cocaine?

“We knew no one would,” says Beverly Redman, an administrative assistant helps the small police department run the Crewe P.D. Facebook page.

He added the following.

“We wanted to show people that we’re human, too. We have a sense of humor. We’re not all ‘just cops.’ “

What makes the Facebook post even more hilarious is the fact that several people have commented on it asking if the cops really intended to return the bag full of cocaine to its owner. So much so that they had to reply to them to confirm that the cocaine ain’t going anywhere!

All said, considering the sheer number of dumb criminals the United States is home to, there is a distinct possibility that someone might actually turn up asking for their bag of cocaine.

[Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images]