Kelly Cutrone Calls Kanye West’s Designs ‘A Joke,’ Says Kylie & Kendall Jenner Should Tone Down The Plastic Surgery

Kelly Cutrone is the only one who’s not impressed with Kanye West’s designs. The fashion publicist called his new collection “a joke.”

Cutrone spoke bluntly to People magazine about West’s designs. She said, “I’m not into his fashion thing. I think he’s fine as a rapper. I think he’s a joke as a fashion designer.”

Kelly didn’t hold back any further. She also thinks that Kanye, 37, should focus on his strengths much rather than his fashion designs.

“I just think that you should stay focused at what you’re good at. Just because you’re a good rapper doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer. I mean, we’ve seen that over and over.”

She does have a point. There are many celebrities and performers who crossed into the fashion industry and failed.

Cutrone added that Sean John was a successful brand, but only a few were able to covet his clothes. When asked about West’s new Yeezy sneakers that reportedly drove thousands of people to Adidas stores, Cutrone outright dissed them, according to Page Six.

“I mean, it’s not, he’s not legit. Have you seen the product? Didn’t he have his own line in London, which was a disaster that he spent $10 million to do, that no one wore?”

Kelly not only dissed Kanye, but she kind of dissed Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She took fashion lovers behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, where she talked about the Jenner girls as high fashion models. Kelly said that even though Kylie and Kendall are attractive girls, they should tone down the plastic surgery.

“Well I think they’re cute. I mean, I’m kind of big on Kendall. I’m Kendall versus Kylie, as far as the look. But I think they are really cute girls.”

Though she did pick a fave, she gave a reason why she loves the Jenner sister’s looks. Cutrone said, “They’re slammingly beautiful, super tall, mediagenic, and they shoot really well, which really helps in the modeling industry.”

Kelly did have one tip for Kylie and Kendall. She said that they “shouldn’t have so much plastic surgery at a young age.” Kylie has been accused of having lip injections and undergoing breast augmentation surgery after she shared a sexy cleavage photo on Instagram.

As for Kendall, she reportedly hasn’t reportedly had any plastic surgery. Some reports have hinted that she may have gotten a nose job, but plastic surgery is not something that’s common in high fashion modeling.

What do you think of Kelly Cutrone’s comments involving Kanye West and Kylie and Kendall Jenner?

[Image: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]