‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Ressler’s Life Is At Stake Once Again In ‘The Kenyon Family’

A new episode of The Blacklist airs Thursday night on NBC, and the team will be hunting a very unique type of criminal. Viewers also know that Raymond Reddington is still seeking answers regarding the Fulcrum, and there are plenty of tantalizing storylines ahead. What Blacklist spoilers are available for the February 19 episode?

TV Guide teases that this Season 2, Episode 12 show is called “The Kenyon Family.” Elizabeth Keen and the team will be searching for a blacklister who is a polygamous cult leader. He’s not just a cult leader, though. His group has mysterious and dangerous shipping containers buried on their property and there is a definite creep factor with this one.

The show’s Facebook page teases that the hunters will become the hunted, and Blacklist spoiler previews give a bit of insight into that tease. This one is promoted to be a shocking one, and it seems that the cult is preparing for acts of terror and lives are at stake.

The team will get cornered and Donald Ressler is seen with his hands bound, being dragged by a couple of dirty young boys behind what seems to be an all-terrain vehicle or something of the nature. Will Ressler make it out of this one alive? It seems he will indeed, but fans have got to wonder just how many lives this particular team member has.

In addition, Red will do some traveling in a quest to track down the safe that Fitch referenced before he died. Will he be successful in locating the spot that Fitch mentioned? Chances are this will be a bit more complicated than just needing one simple trip.

Blacklist spoilers indicate that there are big things ahead yet in this second half of Season 2. It has been teased that Tom Keen will return, as executive producer John Eisendrath said that Tom is a big part of the latter part of this season. When does Tom pop up again? Based on the episode descriptions, March 5 seems to be the big episode. Tom dives into a new mission in the episode titled “T. Earl King VI.”

Fans are definitely anxious to see Tom return, and they can’t wait to see how it plays out. The show will finally reveal more about who he really is and the way he’s pulled back into the picture is said to be very important to Liz both emotionally and physically. Past episodes have tantalized fans with some wild confrontations between these two, and viewers can’t wait to see it all pieced together.

Before the season wraps, Blacklist spoilers indicate that viewers will understand who Tom is and even get a sense of what Red’s full plan is. How are Tom and Red connected? What are their motivations? The path to finding out those answers is being laid now, and it seems more will be revealed in each week’s episode.

Will everybody from the team make it out alive in “The Kenyon Family”? Tune in to The Blacklist airing on NBC on Thursday, February 19, to find out.

[Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]