Hilary Duff’s Estranged Husband Mike Comrie Allegedly Asks Waitress: ‘How Much For Sex?’

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie may break up again soon after his drunken night out at a famous L.A. eatery. Mike wasn’t just looking to have a good time. He was also reportedly looking to find a woman to take home with him. Hilary’s estranged husband was so desperate to find a woman that he was willing to pay for it, according to a Daily Mail report.

Duff, 27, and Comrie, 34, announced their split a year ago after four years of marriage. The two have kept a united front for their son, Luca, who turns three next month. Duff said last September, “We’re uncoupled for now … If there wasn’t a chance of getting back [together], we would have filed for divorce …”

In October of 2014, the Inquisitr reported that Hilary and Mike were back together and “better than ever.” They reportedly reconciled their marriage and reunited their family with their son. Hilary and Mike were also seen holding hands at a Halloween party in West Hollywood.

Several sources at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills told Daily Mail Online that Comries spent most of Jan. 30 drinking and propositioning waitresses and bar staff for sex.

“Mike and a buddy arrived around 9.00pm and were ushered to their private reserved table in the cocktail lounge of Mastros on the second floor.

Mike was clearly already tipsy when he arrived. He was already slurring his speech a bit and walking funny, and it was only 9 pm.”

Duff’s ex was drinking most of the evening, according to sources. Comries reportedly drank cocktails along with shots of “1942” and Cuervo tequila, which costs $33 per shot.

“I work there and I have to say he’s a really nice guy, actually. He tips well and is super polite and kind. He was just drunk. But then things got worse.

I watched him as he blatantly and repeatedly hit on his waitress. I’m sure she was extremely embarrassed because other customers and staff saw this. She handled it well, remaining kind and professional.

Mike just wouldn’t let up with the flirting. It became a bit creepy. Even his buddy tried to dial him back a bit.”

Comries wouldn’t stop, though. Several eyewitnesses claim that they saw Duff’s estranged husband flirt with a waitress and compliment her looks.

“Mike wanted to wait for her until her shift was over and take her out. She told him nicely that she was not available, that she was in a relationship, but that didn’t phase him. He kept insisting, sometimes loudly, that he wanted to wait until she got off work.

She was in a tough spot. Then Mike wanted to settle his tab. That would be all well and good, but the tab had been paid for an hour prior and he owed no more money. He kept trying to pay her, for some reason. She couldn’t get through to him.

She actually started to feel bad for him. He’s very handsome and so sweet, but he was very intoxicated and seemed deeply lonely if he were going to all of these extremes to pursue someone who was on staff and was in a relationship.”

Mike was spotted without his wedding ring. The source added, “I can’t imagine how upset Hilary would feel if she knew Mike was acting like this in public.”

Duff’s on-again, off-again husband also propositioned women for sex that night. He reportedly asked how much they would want to sleep with him. Comries then waved hundreds of dollars at the female restaurant staff.

“He asked the nice woman at the bar, ‘Ok. How much? How much do you want? I have as much as you need. How much for sex? Name your price. How much do you want to have sex with me?'”

This isn’t the first time that Comries reportedly cheated on Duff. The reason behind their split is that Duff was convinced that Comries cheated on her while he was on the road playing hockey. Having him home all the time reportedly drove her crazy, and their constant togetherness caused them to drift apart, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

What do you think of Hilary Duff’s estranged husband Mike Comries? Do you think she should take him back?

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