June 29, 2017
Amiibo Features For 'Kirby And The Rainbow Curse' Revealed; Some Characters Hard To Find

Just in time for the release of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for Wii U on February 20, 2015, Nintendo has revealed how Amiibo collectors can put their Kirby franchise Amiibo to use in the game.

The Kirby franchise is a legacy of games bound by the tradition of challenging platforming adventure. Rainbow Curse appears to be yet another title honoring that convention while providing a new gameplay experience. This time around, Kirby is found in a world of clay and he can only be controlled by using the touch screen on the Wii U gamepad. The player draws Rainbow Ropes using bottles of Rainbow Ink to guide Kirby through levels, into hidden areas, and through environmental puzzles. Additional players can join in using Wii Remotes to help Kirby on his quest as Waddle Dee characters.

Kirby Rainbow Curse Screenshot - Nintendo - Courtesy Image

The Super Smash Bros. edition Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight Amiibo can be tapped on the Wii U gamepad during gameplay to activate a special power-up that changes depending on the figure. Nintendo also sends along a pro tip, via the official Rainbow Curse site, reminding players that there is a limit to the powerful in-game boosts each Amiibo provides.

"Pro tip: Remember, amiibo power-ups will last through only one stage and can only be used once per day. So choose wisely!"
That means each day, players can choose up to three stages that will benefit from the Amiibo power-ups. Managing Amiibo resources carefully is likely to help players strategically gain access to puzzle pieces, ink bottles, and treasure chests to unlock the collectible figurines and music tracks found throughout the game.

Kirby Rainbow Curse Amiibo Features Courtesy Nintendo

So, what are the power-ups? According to the official site, the Kirby Amiibo gives players unlimited use of the Star Dash ability that can normally only be activated after collecting 100 stars. Using the Meta Knight Amiibo will put a Meta Knight mask over Kirby's face. While wearing the mask, Kirby can quickly dash through some of the game's weaker enemies. The King Dedede Amiibo gives Kirby a hat with the power to grant him six health bars (two more than the standard four health bars).

Although amiibo are intended to help players in-game, many may need help just getting the figures in the first place. The Kirby Amiibo seems to be readily available at retailers like Walmart, Target and Toys 'R' Us. However, the launch of the King Dedede amiibo is being delayed at GameStop per an internal memo, as reported by Destructoid. Instead of the previously anticipated February 20 release date, King Dedede is not expected to arrive at GameStop stores until February 25. Some customers who pre-ordered after the holidays might not have their orders fulfilled until additional stock arrives later this spring.

Kirby Rainbow Curse Screenshot with Meta Knight Mask - Courtesy Nintendo

Meta Knight, a Best Buy exclusive, is finally revealed to have a release date of February 20, which means you may be able to pick up the Amiibo along with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – if you can find one. Just like Rosalina and Shulk, the other retailer exclusive Amiibo in Wave 3, Meta Knight is probably going to be hard to find. Hunting down this store-exclusive Amiibo on launch day may be your best bet if you were unable to pre-order in-store or online. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, you may be able to locate the Meta Knight Amiibo by asking an associate in the store or over the phone to search your local area for the item using SKU number 1375009.

Dealing with shortages and limited supply, locating all the Amiibo that connect with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse could very easily turn into a real-world side quest.