Shooter Blasts Neighbor’s Dog During Mercedes Theft Pursuit

A shooter sends a bullet through the neighbor’s dog while chasing down a Mercedes thief. Was the dog in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The story takes place in an upscale neighborhood in San Marino, California, on February 19, 2015. An assailant reportedly trashed a resident’s home prior to demanding the woman to give him the keys to her Mercedes.

NBC Los Angeles reports that the woman ran inside and locked herself in the closet, after which she called 911.

Well, once police officers arrived on the scene — instead of coming through the front — the crime stoppers hopped a neighbor’s back fence. The report states as follows.

“When police came to investigate, they entered through a neighbor’s backyard and were confronted by a large ‘aggressive’ dog in the backyard, San Marino Police Chief John Incontro said. An officer then shot the dog.

‘One officer fired one round. The dog continued toward the officer,’ Incontro said. ‘The officer [shooter] again fearing for his safety fired a second round, striking the dog. The dog ran from that location.'”

Shooter Blasts Dog In Mercedes Pursuit
Credits: NBC News Chopper Site of the shooter incident. Dog taken to the vet. Man still on the loose.

The police-shooter seemed to be doing what was best for his life. He fired a warning shot to which the dog didn’t adhere, so he was forced to fire a second shot. There was no information provided on whether a front or direct entrance was available for the police officers to enter. However, given the route taken, it may have been the most efficient option at the time.

From the report, the dog was taken to a vet. Yet, there has been no update on the animal’s condition.

Nevertheless, police are continuing their efforts, regardless of the shooter incident. The report continues.

“Incontro said the shooting of the dog was the first officer-involved shooting in San Marino in 16 years. Police were still searching for the man last seen wearing a blue and black shirt with dark pants, wearing a fanny pack on his side.”

According to crime data from the City of San Marino, violent crimes are few and far between. Assaults have been less than 15 per year and rapes and murders less than 3 per year, all since 2000. However, there are a much greater number of thefts and burglaries, averaging 124 thefts and 58 burglaries per year since 2000. Yet, in all crime instances, the city is far below the national average.

What do you think about the police-shooter incident? How do you think it was handled?

[Featured Image via City of San Marino]