Texas Students Wave ‘White Power’ Sign At Game, Defecate On Rival Team Bus

Just when you think racism is dying out among today’s youth, a new shocking story emerges. This week it came from Texas, where a group of students brought signs that said “White Power” to a high school basketball game and flashed it openly at the rival team. Even worse, authorities suspect the students may have defecated on the rival team bus before they departed.

According to Raw Story, the incident took place at Flower Mound High School during a game against Plano East High. Several students were caught on cell phone camera waving around the “White Power” signs, and the images went viral on social media, appalling people around the world.

One of the athletes from the Plano East High School team spoke to WFAA Channel 8 about the white power signs, but asked to remain anonymous.

“We thought it was racist,” said the student. “It said ‘white power,’ and we were shocked.”

According to Fox News, the white power sign incident is currently being investigated by the North Texas school district. The superintendent of the district, Kevin Rogers, released a statement saying he is “disheartened” by the students’ decision to flash white power signs in front of the audience and opposing team. Rogers and the other administrators are looking into the issue and examining the students who made the white power signs, and “intend to act on [their] findings.”

“I want to be clear that this type of incident — however it has been perceived — has not and will not be tolerated in LISD. We have always had high expectations for our more than 53,000 students and hold them to those standards both in and outside of the classroom.”

The students of Plano East High also discovered that their team bus had been urinated and defecated on after the game, according to New York Daily News. It isn’t certain if the students responsible for the white power signs also defecated on the bus, but the Plano East athletes seem pretty convinced.

“This is ridiculous,” one Plano East player tweeted about the signs. “I thought we passed the racial stage of society.”

One student from Flower Mound High tried to explain that the white power signs were taken the wrong way. He or she claimed that the “white” sign represented the Flower Mound team colors of white and blue. The student also denied that Flower Mound students defecated on the Plano East bus.

The head basketball coach for Flower Mound did apologize for the white power signs, sending out a tweet that read, “Unacceptable. As head coach at FMHS I offer our full voice apology. I will pursue this fully. No place for this.”