Sinkhole Snowplow: Large Plow Truck Devoured By New Jersey Sinkhole

A sinkhole swallowed a snowplow Tuesday morning in Lopatcong Township, New Jersey. Mayor Tom McKay says the sinkhole accident happened around 7:30 a.m. on Wordsworth Lane.

Fortunately, the driver was able to escape uninjured. He was taken to a local hospital, NBC 4 News in New York reports. He was soon released after being examined.

By 2 p.m. Tuesday, the snowplow was fully removed from the large sinkhole, which was about 15 feet in depth.

Instagram user MRLish456 captured snapped a photo of the vehicle stuck inside the sinkhole with the plow raised above the truck. The large vehicle was also salting the roads after new snowfall emerged.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that residents on Wordsworth Lane were having water pressure problems the night before. Water was gushing after the sinkhole snowplow event right in front of Curtis Vielstich’s house. He said when he noticed the sinkhole had a portion of the truck’s cab inside it with the plow seen up in the air, the driver came knocking on his door.

Mayor McKay identifies the snowplow driver as Brian Weeks.

A follow-up report by Lehigh Valley Live reveals that the snowplow has been removed from the sinkhole. Water and sewer lines were damaged from the truck falling into the open hole, but not a lot of repair needs to be done. Lapatcong Township’s engineer, Paul Sterbenz, hopes the sinkhole will be filled by the end of this week if everything goes according to plan. He says “multiple steps” need to be addressed. Several contractors are involved in the process while the hole gets filled. Utilities must also be repaired.

Sinkholes pose a significant problem for residents in certain parts of the county. The Inquisitr reported on a harrowing incident that took place only a few weeks ago in Maryland. A car carrying five family members fell into a sinkhole that had suddenly formed. The parents, an infant, and children ages 4 and 7, were able to escape the vehicle before it was entirely devoured by the sinkhole. That also destroyed a large water main in the middle of the street. A neighbor witnessed the whole thing happen and said she believes the family was able to get out of the car as quick as they did because none of them were wearing seat belts.

Although the sinkhole opened up and consumed part of the snowplow, it’s another miracle that no one was hurt.

[Photo Credit: MRLish456/Instagram]