Tommy Adams: Virginia Teen Shovels Snow For Elderly Man With Walker, Random Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

The smallest of things tend to mean the most to those in need. That’s exactly why random acts of kindness always receive overwhelming praise. A Nottoway County, VA high school senior’s random act of kindness has touched hearts around the world. According to WHNT, Tommy Adams and his mother, Teresa, were riding home from the DMV when he noticed an elderly man with a walker trying to shovel snow. Although the task was a difficult feat, the man continued to put forth an effort. But, Tommy decided to pitch in and help.

“Tommy said ‘Mamma stop the car,'” Teresa recalled. “I got scared and asked ‘What’s wrong?” He said, “there’s an older man with a walker shoveling snow — I’ll help him out,” she added.

Tommy recently recounting the heartwarming gesture during a brief interview with WTVR. He explained that it looked as if a snow plow machine had come to clean the street. But, unfortunately, most of the cleared snow was pushed into the elderly man’s driveway. He admitted that it definitely wasn’t an easy job. It actually took him about 15 minutes to clear the snow because the build up was quite deep. Tommy and his mother also shared details about the man’s reaction to his generous at.

“He looked surprised,” Teresa said. “I was so proud, I started to cry.”

“He was relieved, he looked tired,” Tommy said of the older man. “I told him to get back into his car because it was cold. Other people who saw him in the snow should have had the decency to stop. He said ‘God bless you, the world needs more people like you,'” Tommy recalled.

As he pitched in to get the job done, his mother snapped a picture of him that was later shared on the WTVR Facebook page. Surprisingly, Tommy’s act of kindness quickly began circulating around the social media network and has gone viral with more than 13,000 likes. According to CBS News, Tommy just wanted to get the job done. He didn’t even get the man’s name. He also explained why.

“I try to do good for the elderly because one day I may need help too,” Tommy said.

[Image via Facebook]