Lindsay Lohan Movies In Pre-Production Though Facing Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan has two movies in pre-production right now amid her possible jail-time rumors. Is she going to allow community service to hinder her films?

If you’ve read anything about Lindsay, you know she’s been sentenced to so many months of community service. However, as an actress, she still has work to do, right?

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— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) February 19, 2015

Well, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Lohan possibly has two movies in which she’s in pre-production works. Seems like her management teams have been keeping her active, for sure. Lindsay’s drug issue also seems to have subsided elsewhere, because she appears to be back to hard-working, American-gal Lohan. Aside from showing her boobs, it’s almost like looking at a “before and after” photo, but before there was ever an “after.”

Lindsay Lohan Movies Are In Pre-Production
Credits: Instagram - Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan seems to be back to old self. Her fans are happy for her.

As far as the films are concerned, the first of Lindsay’s movies is called Soul Carriers, and is a thriller. From the plot summary on the site, it reads as follows.

“When a government project begins to show signs that looking into the future is possible using Future Life Progression Hypnosis, an entire college is hypnotized during classes and without their knowledge, to discover who they will become in a future life. Narrowing down those whose next lives are of more use to the future than their present lives are, college trips are prepared to eliminate those whose future lives need to be set in motion.

Four photography students go on a an excursion to an art museum, unaware that the trip is to kill all on board in what appears to be, an accident. As the only survivors of the wreck, Tessa, Aiden, Ellie and Frankie hear men on the outside discussing how the coach should have exploded on impact to kill everyone on board.”

Who doesn’t like movies about the future and government projects, right? Though it’s not directly mentioned, Lohan’s role could be as “Tessa.” The other three aforementioned characters are named on the site. Hopefully, the directors possibly wouldn’t give Lindsay a minor role in the production. However, if so, okay. It’s still work, and that’s good.

There’s no word on the location of Soul Carriers. However, maybe her travels maybe give some prediction as to where?

Lindsay Lohan Going To Moscow
Credits: Instagram - Lindsay Lohan Not to say the location of Lindsay Lohan's movie is in Moscow, Russia. However, could it be a possibly?

The estimated budget for Lohan’s film is $18 million. Unfortunately, there is no currently set release date.

Think that’s it? Nope. There seems to be a rewrite or something with a similar movie called Life Travelers, from the same writer. The story line is quite familiar to the other. It reads as follows.

“Reincarnation gains verifiable proof that life after death does exist when the World’s Governments delve into the future using Future Life Progression Hypnosis to better the world. But extracting information from people’s soul rebirths enables one man, Norris, from the future to effectively initiate World War 3 to fall upon our time when the mind of Taylor, a young woman, embarks on a journey as her soul rebirth through mediation.

Discovering her reborn self is a mediator from the future relaying messages that they live in a world where only scattered elements of science and technology remain from the modern past, Taylor also finds herself on the run when this one man from the future warns the present that her reincarnation is in dire need of being set in motion now.”

Coincidentally, it offers the same “Future Life Progression Hypnosis” idea. And in this rendition, Lindsay’s actually playing the part of “Taylor.” This could’ve been the equivalent to the other title’s “Tessa”?

From the looks of things, “soul carriers” are also “life travelers.” Weird. Though it doesn’t state the first one as a canceled or updated production, the latter gives greater detail about the film. It has a similar $18 million budget. However, its film location is in Los Angeles, California. Could that be from Lohan’s recent run-ins with the justice system? Maybe the trip to Russia is just pleasure?

Also, it’s categorized as an action/sci-fi/thriller and is produced by Horrorflix and Wonder Works Films, unlike Soul Carriers, which was proposed to be produced by Twyn Films.

What are your thoughts about Lindsay’s movies? Are these two the same movies, or are they proposed sequels? Do you think Lohan’s net worth is coming back to where it once resided?

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