‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith Scrambles As Maggie Confronts Her In ‘The Great Pretender’

A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday night on ABC and there is a bit of mystery surrounding this one. The last that viewers saw, Meredith was planning a trip to go see Derek. However, it seems she may have actually had something else planned and Maggie is going to confront her about it. What Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are available for the February 19 episode?

This one is titled “The Great Pretender” and fans are dying to figure this one out. Grey’s Anatomy spoiler previews show that Meredith returns from her trip, supposedly to Washington D.C., but Maggie has some serious questions for her. Maggie confronts her sister, noting that while Meredith took a suitcase of lingerie and texted that the visit with Derek was great, Maggie was hearing from Derek wondering where Meredith was.

Maggie says flat-out that she’s not a good liar and she’s not going to judge Meredith, but things aren’t adding up. Maggie says that whatever it was that Meredith was doing, she knows it wasn’t with Derek. Obviously Meredith wasn’t prepared to face these questions, and she’s got some scrambling to do.

Another Grey’s spoiler sneak peek from ABC shows a scene that will seemingly come earlier in the episode where not only Maggie asks about the trip, but Callie and Alex inquire about how wild the times were too. Meredith is doing her best to evade all of the talk, but that’s only going to work for so long.

As for other tidbits from “The Great Pretender,” the TV Guide synopsis indicates that Ben’s brother will be admitted to the hospital. Bailey and Ben will be worried about what’s going on with him, of course, and that does sound a bit ominous.

In addition, Dr. Herman will start to soften when it comes to Arizona, apparently. There will also be some time devoted to Catherine and Richard. After they reconnected over Jackson and April’s loss, fans were hopeful. However, it seems this week Richard will feel manipulated by her for some reason.

What about Jackson and April? Sarah Drew, who plays April, told TV Guide that going forward, Kepner may not have much patience for things that don’t matter. That will be apparent in not only how she deals with the patients, but with her husband as well. April will become grittier, though she hasn’t let go of her faith either.

Losing Samuel will bring the couple closer together, it seems, but of course there will be some things come up to cause challenges for them. It sounds as if Jackson might be almost too protective of his wife in the days ahead and she may be avoiding dealing with some of the weight of what’s happened. As for trying for another baby, it sounds as if they’ll hold off on that for now.

Just what is Meredith up to with this trip? Fans can’t imagine she’d actually be cheating on Derek, but things definitely look suspicious at this point. Will Ben’s brother be okay? Tune in to “The Great Pretender” episode of Grey’s Anatomy airing on Thursday, February 19 to see just what happens.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]