‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Who Made The Deal For Olivia Pope? [Updated]

Thursday night brings a big episode of Scandal for fans. Olivia Pope has been held captive for too long and after she engineered a shift in plans, she is supposedly being turned over to someone in Iran. However, fans know there’s much more to it than that. What Scandal spoilers are available for the February 19 episode?

The Season 4, Episode 13 show airing Thursday night is titled “No More Blood.” Little is revealed in the synopsis, just that the folks at the White House are worried that the outcome regarding retrieving Olivia won’t be good.

As fans saw in the last episode, bidding on Olivia was shut down just as Huck, Quinn and Jake thought they were finally getting an opportunity to place their own bid. Ian indicated that a private bidder had come forward and that Pope would be handed off to someone in Iran. At the end of the show, she was being taken to the hand-off and it seemed a woman was waiting for her.

Of course everybody is buzzing about who bought Olivia. Of course the obvious choice would be Olivia’s father, Rowan. The two haven’t been on good terms, but he would have the power to make it happen and he surely would step in if needed to ensure that Olivia finds safety. However, many fans think that Rowan is simply too obvious a choice, and show creator Shonda Rhimes rarely goes with the obvious.

It does appear to be a woman waiting for Olivia, and she seems to be on the phone. When Olivia’s hood is taken off, she seems surprised by who she sees, which many think means she knows who it is. Given that the woman seems to be on the phone, it could certainly mean that she’s simply handling the hand-off for the person behind the deal, so it may or may not be someone fans recognize.

Speculation is running the gamut on this one with some wild guesses. Many Scandal fans find it very interesting that Quinn mentioned both Harrison and Stephen Finch in this last episode. Given that Harrison is rarely mentioned, and Stephen is never mentioned, most believe that the reference had to have been done with a specific purpose.

There is a lot of speculation that Henry Ian Cusick, who played Stephen Finch in Season 1, will be back for a brief stint to tie in to all of this. The buzz has been building for a bit, and it escalated after Finch’s name was mentioned last week. Both Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, and Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, teased a big shocker ahead via TVLine.

Stanchfield teased a Scandal spoiler that sometime within this handful of episodes, meaning the first four with the winter return of Season 4, viewers with the show since day one would freak out over a big surprise. She said that those who have watched the show since the beginning would lose their minds, and Lowes added that it’s as big a surprise as the reveal that Rowan was Olivia’s dad in Season 2. The teases reference the original Gladiators multiple times, which certainly is key here.

Last week, viewers saw Huck go back to the dark side from earlier days, which some thought could have been the big surprise and past season reference. However, Huck has gone to that dark side multiple times over the four seasons, though this last time was awfully extreme. That definitely wouldn’t count as a shocker as big as the Rowan reveal though.

While fans are definitely speculating that Rowan or Stephen could be behind the purchase, others put forth that it could be Mellie, Maya, Abby, Sally Langston or even somehow Adnan or Harrison. The Harrison guess is doubtful, given what has transpired with actor Columbus Short’s personal life off-screen, which lead to his character’s demise. Adnan and Harrison were supposedly killed and discarded in the desert, but this is Scandal, so many fans say one never knows.

Interestingly it seems that ABC has released no photos for this episode, a very unusual move. Does Olivia Pope make it back home in this episode? Some suspect she does, as the synopsis for the February 26 makes no reference to this storyline. It does note, however, that there is a tragedy in Washington D.C. and the problematic vice president still needs to be dealt with.

The teases from TVLine even have some speculating that somehow there may be a baby involved in these twists and turns, as if perhaps somehow Olivia had a baby at some point early on, who would be Fitz’s, but she gave away the baby or had the child raised elsewhere to protect the president. That would, indeed, be a shocking reveal.

Will all of these Scandal spoilers come together in big reveals in “No More Blood”? Fans have gotten creative in their speculating and everybody hopes that the answers live up to the hype. Tune in to the Season 4, Episode 13 show of Scandal airing on Thursday, February 19 to see just what happens next.

Updated: A new Scandal sneak peek from E! Online would seemingly exclude Mellie from the list of possible Olivia buyers. She is seen in a sneak peek battling with Andrew Nichols, trying to get him to get Olivia back. He won’t bite, but he makes some nasty threats in the process. If Mellie were the one acquiring Olivia, of course she wouldn’t need to be working on deals with Andrew.

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