Brittany Musick Says She’s ‘Filming:’ Could It Be For ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Will Brittany Musick be seen on Teen Mom 2?

Although the former online friend of Jeremy Calvert denied filming with MTV weeks ago, it now appears that things have changed. On February 17, Musick told her followers she was filming. Unfortunately, she stayed mum in regard to what it was she was taping.

“Excited to finish filming and get out of this snow and to Cali @howiewood #California.”

Brittany Musick has been in the public eye since last year, when messages exchanged between her and Calvert hit the web. In the messages, which were published by Radar Online, Calvert proclaimed he was single after splitting from Leah Messer. Even after Musick questioned Calvert, claiming his wife was publicly speaking as if they were still together, Calvert insisted he was no longer married.

While things started out friendly between Musick and Calvert, they quickly became flirty, with Calvert complimenting Musick on her looks and telling her she was “special.” Musick and Calvert eventually spoke of the possibility of chatting on video, and meeting in person.

“Okay, long as u got clothes on,” Calvert joked of their FaceTime plans. “jkjk u don’t have to.”

In messages exchanged via text, the couple planned to meet while Calvert was out of town working. In one series of messages, he was seen asking Musick if he needed to get a room or if she planned to stay the night. However, they couple don’t appear to have actually met, and weeks later, Calvert was back with Messer.

After Messer told fans on Facebook that she and Calvert were still married, the Teen Mom 2 pair attended a New Year’s Eve party and shared plenty of kissing photos to prove their love.

As the Inquisitr reported, Messer’s Facebook message was as follows.

“Yes Jeremy Lynn and I are still together(: I was with him the night before close to his job. He had to work and could not make it to the girls birthday party. ): We were thinking of him as he was thinking of us and we missed him dearly but knew he was doing what he had to for us! xoxo.”

After his and Brittany Musick’s messages were posted online, Calvert deactivated his Twitter account and remained silent for several weeks before returning to social media last month.

While Messer claims she and Calvert are still happily married, Calvert raised questions about the issue when he favorited one of Brittany Musick’s tweets on the first day of his Twitter return.

[Photo via Twitter]