ISIS Recruiting Western Women With Nutella And Cute Kittens, Claims CNN Anchorwoman

It’s a well known fact that ISIS has some serious recruiting methods, especially when it comes to attracting young western women to its ranks in Syria and Iraq.

But, according to CNN anchorwoman Carol Costello, ISIS is using a new secret weapon in its war against the West, Nutella chocolate spread and cute kittens!

Costello made her remarkable assertions on CNN yesterday, as she proclaimed,

“ISIS is talking online about jars of Nutella, pictures of kittens and emojis. They want people to believe their life on the battlefield isn’t so different than yours. They actually eat Nutella, and I guess they have pet kittens.”

The Washington Post reported that Costello tweeted video of herself talking about the topic, but that tweet was apparently later deleted.

Nevertheless, Costello does have information to rely on as it has been reported elsewhere that ISIS does indeed use chocolate spread and cute kittens to spread the message, ironic as that may sound.

Back in August 2014 for example, the Daily Mail reported that ISIS was posting pictures on social media with jars of Nutella, and the same report noted that other images showed the terrorists with guns in one hand and adorable kittens in the other.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) also confirmed the ISIS methods of recruitment with Nutella and kittens, as Steven Stalinsky told reporters,

“They do have a lot of down time, they are swimming in the ocean, playing soccer, hiking, things like that. Part of the down time is documented. Just like in the West…for their friends and families back home.”

It seems like the terrorists of ISIS know no bounds when it comes to irony, as they brutally murder and behead non Muslims by the dozen, while purporting to eat chocolate spread and tend to the needs of innocent young kittens.