Jenelle Evans’ Fiance Nathan Griffith Under Investigation?

Jenelle Evans’ fiancé, Nathan Griffith, is reportedly being investigated after the Teen Mom 2 dad allegedly stole a military medal.

According to a February 19 report by Mstarz, Griffith stole the ribbon in question and has been wearing it around as if it were his own. On Twitter, an account titled Stolen Valor DC responded to the claim, which was made by Evans’ former friends, Candace and Patrick.

“Of course ribbon we r looking for is on the right side. We are going to try to build a #StolenValor crime case.”

In the Twitter account’s bio, it is said that the people behind the account are “focused on upholding the protection of the #StolenValor medals and combat awards.”

On Twitter, after hearing of the investigation report, Evans claimed her fiancé has done nothing wrong.

“Lmao everything is documented at the VA, these people r so funny man let them dig, and I really don’t understand why [Candace] has to always be involved in every aspect of our life, or tries to be.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Evans is said to be facing a custody battle, as well.

Evans’ mother, Barbara, has been Jace’s legal guardian nearly since he was born, and while Evans sees her son regularly, he lived with her mother a short distance away. She has, however, had a second child, Kaiser, who lives with her and Griffith full-time.

Jenelle Evans’ fiancé also has an older child, daughter Emery (from his marriage to a woman named Allison Stevens), whom he does not have custody of.

Although Evans’ arrangement with her mother has seemed to be going well in recent months, especially considering she’s stayed out of trouble, a new report claims the pair are headed for a nasty battle over Jace.

On February 17, a source claimed to Radar Online that Barbara recently began telling Jace to call her “mom,” instead of Evans. Barbara also reportedly doesn’t want Jace around Jenelle Evans’ fiancé because of his drinking.

Despite their drama-filled relationship and regular breakups, Evans and Griffith are currently together and planning to wed, so Barbara’s desire to keep Jace from him have led to friction.

Because of their latest issues, Evans has finally decided to file for custody of Jace.

“Barbara didn’t take her seriously, but then when Barbara finally got served last week, she got mad.”

Jenelle Evans’ fiancé will appear alongside her on the upcoming sixth season of Teen Mom 2.

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