Tyler Baltierra Explains Meaning Of New Tattoo

Tyler Baliterra and Catelynn Lowell recently welcomed their daughter, Novalee, into the world. So far, the Teen Mom couple has only shared a handful of photos of the little girl and fans can’t wait until they can finally meet her, most likely on the new Teen Mom OG. Until that happens, though, fans are getting to see what devoted parents these two are to their daughter.

Most recently, the couple decided to get tattoos in honor of their daughter. Both have tattoo’s in honor of their daughter, Carly, who they placed for adoption on 16 and Pregnant. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Catelynn Lowell opted to get a similar tattoo for Novalee that she has for Carly. On Catelynn’s shoulder, she has a tattoo of Carly’s little foot and she decided to get Novalee’s little foot on her body as well. Rather than opting for her shoulder, though, Catelynn got the tattoo on her own foot. Tyler Baltierra, on the other hand, decided to get Novalee’s name on his arm and was able to incorporate the caped crusader into the art piece.

Tyler took to Instagram to show off the completed art work and to explain the meaning behind the tattoo.

“Two day session complete thanks to @lancekellarstudios who did an amazing job on my#NovaleeReign tattoo. This representation that I will always protect her is PERFECT! Thanks Lance!#WatchfulProtector #SilentGuardian”

This is not Tyler Baltierra’s first Batman inspired tattoo. He has a Batman symbol on his back which includes his last name, Baltierra.

When the first tattoo photos were shared, Tyler’s was not yet complete, but fans didn’t know that. Despite that, some questioned why he would incorporate Batman into a tattoo that is meant to honor his daughter. Tyler’s reasoning is perfect though and it shows that he is a very doting father.

Teen Mom is set to come back for an all-new season next month. Prior to that, MTV will air the Getting To Know Catelynn special which will help fans catch up with Catelynn and Tyler. It has been a few years since they have been on MTV and fans are excited to catch up with the couple and to meet their new daughter, Novalee. Catelynn’s special will air at noon on February 21 and again later in the night.

Teen Mom OG will premiere on MTV on March 23 and will include the entire original cast including Tyler Baltierra.

[Image: via Instagram]