Kate Middleton Gray Hair: She Is Human After All

Kate Middleton has gray hair! She is human after all and was caught in a recent photo displaying her cute twisty bun.

Anytime the Duchess of Cambridge makes an appearance, millions are watching and scrutinizing everything about her. From the clothes she wears to the shoes to the makeup. and, of course. the hair.

Kate’s hair is the obsession of women all over the globe, and her long locks are the envy of some, so when one close up photo revealed some graying in the Duchess’ gorgeous hair, many were thinking she is just like them. Let’s face it, not everyone has makeup professionals and assistants making sure they look their very best at all times.

While Kate Middleton is usually flawless in her appearance, she is admired for recycling her outfits, and we have grown used to seeing her use them multiple times. Her style is elegant and simple, and she makes her purchases at online outlets favored by regular women.

The fact that Kate Middleton was found to have gray hair is welcome news to her fans who see her as a perfect role model (they too get old and get gray hairs). Of course, the Duchess is pregnant with her and Prince William’s second child and dying her hair may not be an option as the chemicals may be harmful to the baby.

Surely, Kate can find another avenue to hide her ever growing grays, but the fact that she didn’t seem to mind showing them off makes her even more human than admirers believe her to be. Kate and William have turned the British monarchy upside down with their easy going, down-to-earth ways.

In keeping with his late mother, Princess Diana’s practices, William and Kate have not budged in this respect and have vowed to raise their children in as normal an environment as possible, especially considering their privileged station in life. That is how William and his brother, Prince Harry, were raised, and the reason why their subjects love them so.

Kate Middleton’s gray hairs were revealed during a public appearance at the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory in England on Wednesday morning. The Duchess wore a blue Florrie Dress from her favorite maternity line, Seraphine, and she was positively glowing.

William and Kate will welcome a new member to their family sometime in April as confirmed by the Palace. The couple are parents to the heir to the British throne, Prince George.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]