Circumcision Reversal: Breakthrough Technique To Regrow Foreskin And Restore Nerves In The Works

In a medical breakthrough researchers are learning more about, a circumcision reversal might be a viable option for men who want to regrow their foreskin. Debate and strong opposition against circumcision could have a redeeming solution for circumcised men.

Research and trials are being carried out by scientists in an effort to find the most satisfactory foreskin restoration procedure. A thorough report in U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that the U.S. company, Foregen, is close to finding a process by which regrowth of foreskin “intact” can be done as natural as possible.

A large population of men are unhappy they were circumcised at a young age without their consent and many complain of de-sensitivity of the penis; they say they’re unable to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Foregen is confident that not only will men regrow their foreskin, but the sensations lost to the penis before circumcision will be fully restored. The company is based in Italy and is “researching techniques used in regenerative medicine, a branch of medicine which helps people re-grow tissue that has been lost by injury or disease.”

Can there be a circumcision reversal that is 100 percent intact? Scientists at Foregen think so because they’re recreating an “extra-cellular matrix” that acts as a “skeleton” for tissue acting as an attachment point for cells “and makes human tissue 3D.” The matrix is then “seeded” with the needed layer of stem cells that will allow the foreskin to regrow.

Foregen plans to begin experimenting on animals that they say will eventually lead to human trials. The company had a “breakthrough” when they were able to “decellularize” bull foreskins — the first step to induce regrowth of the bull’s foreskin.

The company has gotten permission from an organ donation organization to use human adult foreskins for circumcision reversal procedures. Although foreskin will be regrown, what regenerates peripheral nerves is unknown.

In the end, the objective is to have the newly regrown foreskin and tissues “reintegrate” into the body. In other words, the tissues are accepted by the body.

According to Foregen, their mission is to help men who want to reverse circumcision.

“Foregen is not an activist organization; we have no legislative or political agenda, nor any desire to engage in the conversation that surrounds the topic of circumcision. Foregen is a pioneering research organization dedicated to creating options for circumcised men.”

For the large number of men who want a genuine circumcision reversal, this scientific advancement is great news for them.

[Photo Credit: Global Sources]