‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creator Chuck Lorre Talks Alcohol, Anger, And Drugs [Video]

The Big Bang Theory repeatedly ranks as one of the most popular TV shows on the air, reaping awards for the cast and crew. And among those behind the scenes, comedy king Chuck Lorre reigns. But it’s only after a long, tough battle with anger, alcohol, and drugs that Lorre has succeeded in ascending to his TV throne, reported the Lansing State Journal.

ln addition to The Big Bang Theory, Lorre is the power behind Two and a Half Men, Mom, and Mike & Molly. And Chuck is quick to credit the network’s permission to create the quirky science comedy to the success of Men.

“None of this happens without Two and a Half Men,” admitted Lorre. “(Without it, we) couldn’t have gone into CBS and said… with a straight face that we want to do a show about physicists.”

However, although it’s The Big Bang Theory that seems the most unlikely break-out success from Chuck’s flock of shows that he so carefully tends, he noted that he has taken risks in the topics that his other shows tackle. The talented producer pointed out that Mike & Molly has a school teacher meeting at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, while Mom “[is] about a mother and daughter recovering alcoholics.”

And Lorre doesn’t take his success for granted. He earned it the hard way, after years of struggling professionally and personally.

“I was a struggling musician ’til I was about 35 years old. I remember vividly what it’s like to put 38 cents in the gas tank and drive to my second cousin’s house, so they would feed me…I can remember getting a ticket for making an illegal U-turn. It was a $50 ticket, and I broke down and I sobbed because it wiped me out.”

It wasn’t until he was almost 40 that he landed profitable jobs as a writer for Roseanne and creator/producer for Grace Under Fire, Cybill and Dharma & Greg. But Lorre admits that he battled anger as well as alcohol and drugs.

“I could have been nicer along the way,” says Chuck now. “And I regret that…[I had] a dissolute youth until I was 47.”

Now, however, cast members praise Lorre.

Playing Bernadette, Melissa Rauch has come up for a new title for Lorre, calling him “the comedy whisperer.” And it comes to examples of just the comedy whisperer’s skills, the producers have revealed that there’s one Big Bang Theory episode that has a special place in their hearts. As the Inquisitr reported, The Big Bang Theory Christmas episode with Leonard Nimoy’s cameo ranks as the winner.

“The [Leonard Nimoy] DNA napkin is such a hugely iconic moment in the show,” admitted executive producer Steve Molaro. “It’s hard to think about topping it.”

But instead of topping it, an upcoming ad campaign hopes to complement it, reported Media Post.

Emerson is an engineering and technology company that wants to get young people enthralled with the potential of entering the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). So to kick-start the campaign, a TV commercial that will air during the February 19 Big Bang Theory focuses on the younger viewers.

YouTube sensation Hank Green stars in the commercial. He has almost eight million subscribers among his VlogBrothers, CrashCourse and SciShow channels.

“We want to get to a younger generation who are our future customers, employees and business leaders [and] foster excitement about STEM,” explained Kathy Button Bell, Emerson’s chief marketing officer. “This is about tomorrow and a higher-minded purpose of selling science.”

And she hopes that by airing that ad during The Big Bang Theory, it will explode into the consciousness of viewers.

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]