Road Rage Murder Shocker: Did Victim Tammy Meyers Cause Her Own Death?

A road rage murder may have been the result of a two-way shootout according to shocking new claims by Las Vegas police officials.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tammy Meyers was shot in front of her home by an unknown assailant following a road rage incident last week.

Meyers had been teaching her 15-year-old daughter how to drive when the girl honked at a man she thought was speeding.

Initially, police said the 44-year-old mother was killed after the suspect followed her home shortly after the on-road confrontation.

However, Las Vegas police now claim there is more to Tammy Meyers’ death than what was originally reported.

Tammy allegedly returned home after the road rage confrontation and roused her son Brandon from sleep. Authorities say that she asked for him to grab his gun, and then the pair went looking for the other driver.

It’s unknown what their intentions were. It is known that the victim and her son eventually tracked down the other driver.

Tammy and Brandon were said to have followed the male driver for a short period. Eventually, Meyers decided that she wanted to go home.

Meyers and her son had just returned home when the unknown man pulled up and opened fire. Tammy Meyers was hit once in the head, and her son Brandon reportedly returned fire. The murder suspect then fled the scene.

Meyers died after she was taken off life support on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the suspect responsible for her death remains at large.

Since the newer details about the case have emerged, Tammy and her family have come under fire for taking actions that some feel may have either directly or indirectly led to her death and put her family in danger.

this woman and her entire family are complete idiots #TammyMeyers what the hell were you hoping to accomplish?

— Gory Gary (@gory_gary) February 19, 2015

Meyers’ family has since stepped up to defend her from detractors.

Her daughter, 15-year-old Kristal Meyers, wanted others to know that her mother was “trying to protect” her family.

“My mom was protecting me this night, you know? She was doing what every mother would do, [which] is protect her baby.”

Brandon Meyers echoed this sentiment while defending his own actions.

“I did what I had to do to protect my family. Everyone can think what they have to think. I did it for a reason, and I’d do it for anyone I love.”

Do you think the actions taken by Tammy ultimately led to her death? Does the fact that Tammy Meyers and her son went looking for the suspect while armed change your opinion of the case?

[Image Credit: Meyers Family]