Jay Z Rocked By New Paternity Claim

Jay Z has a secret love child, who is finally reaching out to his alleged father by suing him.

Or does he?

It was reported by the National Enquirer that Jay Z, also known as Shawn Corey Carter, is the subject of legal action from 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite who claims to be his son.

Court papers revealed in the report show that Satterthwaite sued his 45-year-old rapper ‘pop’ (through his legal guardian) on December 2014. Jay Z is said to have had an affair with Satterthwaite’s mother Wanda in the 1990s, bringing another aspiring rapper into the world.

Satthertwait’s legal guardian is a paralegal named Lillie Coley. She is reported to have claimed that Jay Z and his lawyer Lise Fisher gave a judge “fraudulent” and “false” information, leading to the case being dismissed.

It was also reported that Jay Z was accused of lying to the court in order to avoid taking a paternity test.

This isn’t the first time Jay Z has had to fend off accusations of being people’s father. Back in 2011, the rapper denied reports of making a baby with model Shenelle Scott, after being linked by a man who was wrongly identified as the father.

Representatives of Jay Z then commented that there was “no truth to these ridiculous rumours,” although it was reported that he paid the model $1 million in return for keeping his name off the birth certificate.

So, are these new rumours any less “ridiculous”?

Dr. Anthony Youn, a leading plastic surgeon, examined photographs taken of Jay Z, and an image The Enquirer took earlier this month of Satthertwait, offering the following expert insight.

“Their facial structures appear very similar! It could be a sign of inheritance.”

The magazine also makes the following observations of Satthertwait.

“(He) has been struggling to pay college and medical bills, as he said on his website – all while dealing with the trauma of profound rejection.”

Jay Z is openly the father of one child Blue Ivy, a collaborative venture with wife Beyoncé Knowles. But it might not all be domestic bliss back home.

In October last year, rumours started to spread about trouble in the marriage following CCTV footage from an elevator which showed him arguing with her sister Solange Knowles. More recently, it’s been suggested he has been getting too close to Rihanna.

Whatever the outcome and however legitimate the claim, it’s unlikely to help in calming any potentially stormy waters between Jay Z and Beyoncé.

[Images: AP and Google Plus]