Woman Brutally Beaten By Jealous Boyfriend Because She Was Enjoying A Night Out

Lindsey Pringle is the victim of a brutal attack she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Curtis Storey. According to Mirror, Lindsey was enjoying a night out and he definitely wasn’t pleased about it. Since he felt she lied to him about going out, he allegedly became furious and viciously attacked her in a local bathroom. The shocking report revealed Pringle’s teeth were cracked, and her spine was broken in four different places.

The Newcastle Chronicle also reported that Lindsey was knocked unconscious. She also suffered damages to one eye and the spinal fracture injuries were a result of falling backwards inside a bathroom stall as Storey continued to brutally beat her. As a result of the ferocious beating, Lindsey was hospitalized for a total of five weeks. It has reportedly been six months since the brutal attack, and Lindsey who suffers osteoporosis, is still walking with a crutch, and seeing black shadowy images out of her damaged eye.


It is also unclear whether her spine will heal correctly. During a recent interview, Lindsey recounted their relationship and the brutal attack. The 36-year-old reportedly began dating 21-year-old Curtis after he messaged her via Facebook. She was reportedly apprehensive about the 15-year age difference, but surprisingly the relationship started off nicely. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse. After two short weeks, Curtis became Lindsey’s worse nightmare, being described as a “jealous monster.”

“He asked for us to meet up. At first I didn’t want to because of the age difference but we ended up together. I really liked him and everyone said how lovely he was. He was really quiet at first, but he changed,” said Lindsey.

“He used to say ‘I’ll kill you’ all the time but I thought he was on that night,” she recalled. “I loved Curtis and I think he loved me too much but he showed it in the wrong way. I never wanted this to happen or for him to get jail but if I was looking at it from someone else’s point of view, he should have got five or six years behind bars.”

Although the brutal attack will have lasting effects on Lindsey, unfortunately, Storey only received two and a half years in prison for the vicious attack. There are also stipulations for his prison sentence. Mr. Recorder Palmer released a brief statement at the time of the sentencing outlining the additional orders he is to follow.

“You have to understand, it is a very serious attack which has caused her very serious injury indeed. You are not to contact her again.”

Do you think Curtis Storey’s prison sentence is enough time behind bars for the injuries Lindsey Pringle suffered? Share your thoughts.

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