Office Depot Now Testing Paypal Point-Of-Sale System

Office Depot customers at several locations are now being given the option to pay for their transactions using the PayPal point-of-sale system to complete their transaction. News of the test stores comes just days after PayPal announced testing in 51 Home Depot stores.

PayPal executives recently said they would like to have their payment system in place at 20 major retailers before year end however they have remained quiet about which brick-and-mortar locations they would accept.

Using the PayPal “wallet in the cloud” system PayPal users can enter their mobile numbers and PINs at checkout counters and have money for the transaction taken directly from their PayPal account. A PayPal card with PIN can also be used. Because customers can use their mobile number and PIN there is literally no reason to pull out identification or a physical debit/credit card during the time of purchase.

PayPal has an advantage in rolling out their system over NFC systems for mobile devices in that the company already has a user base of more than 100 million users who access PayPal for personal and business transactions.

In an attempt to receive support for the system PayPal presented the system to nearly 120 retailers in September although they have not said which retailers hoped on the PayPal payment system bandwagon at this time.

The company hopes to offer a nationwide system as they continue to expand their test market and show users the convenience their system offers.

Would you be willing to pay with PayPal at the checkout counter if that option was made available for you?