Report claims TMZ paid $62,500 for Rihanna Beating Photo

As the debate over the publication of the Rihanna beating photo rages, and the LAPD continues its investigation, a new report claims that the price paid by TMZ for the photo was $62,500.

Media Buffet reports:

Insider TMZ turncoats spilled the numbers Levin’s minions are believed to have shelled out for pix taken of Rihanna immediately after the alleged Chris Brown attack. The source of the photo leak, a law enforcement insider close to the investigation, reportedly raked in $62.5k, double the salary of the person suspected of leaking the pic. Sources state TMZ pays a relative or friend of the snitch within 24 hours of receipt of a photo to cover their tracks

The debate around the photo continues, although it’s seemingly a distraction from the real story: when will Chris Brown be held to account for what is clearly a serious assault on Rihanna.