Security Moms: Football Club In Brazil Hires Mothers Of Fans As Stewards To Curb Unruly Spectators [Video]

A Brazilian football club has hired mothers of fans to “man” the spectator stands.

Mothers have always been the most effective persona to get things done from their sons or daughters. A Brazilian football club, having realized the profound truth, has hired a whole troupe of fans’ mothers to patrol the spectator stands to bring order amidst the unruly chaos.

In a desperate bid to curb the escalating violence among football fans, the football club employed someone who would never be challenged – the hooligans’ own mothers – as stewards for a match held last Sunday. Sport Club do Recife hired and trained around 30 mothers for the derby against known rivals Nautico. The moms wore bright orange vests typical to security staff and were sent off on patrolling duties.

The mothers diligently patrolled the pitch spotting trouble way sooner than any security guard would. As if the mere sight of your own mother patrolling the stadium wasn’t scary enough, the orange vests had the words “Segurança Mae” printed on the back. Translated it means “Security Mom”

Who Would Dare Create A Ruckus In Front Of A Mother

The city of Recife has become a mecca for Brazil’s football crazy fans. Unfortunately, the city has also attracted a lot of troublemakers, who are present for every match and create a ruckus. No one expected the mothers of these unruly fans to “man” the stadium, quipped Aricio Fortes, vice-president of Ogilvy, the PR Company that came up with the idea,

“The idea was to make the most fanatical supporters aware and help in some way to bring peace to stadiums. At the end of the day, no one wants to fight in front of a mother, especially his own.”

Sid Vasconcelos, a marketing executive at Sport Club do Recife was the happiest man. Beaming about the unorthodox approach that has worked wonders, he said,

“It is a kind of action that took everybody by surprise. Nobody could imagine that they would meet their mother at a football game.”

Needless to say, the approach was the best till date, said the executive. The fans used to get really aggressive prompting the local police to nab a few. However, not a single fan was arrested during the home team’s last match!

All The Mothers Received The Same Training As Professional Security Officials

To ensure the power of intimidation of a mother worked, the Security Mums’ faces were highlighted on big screens before and during the game. The club confirmed that all the mothers were given the same training as the professional security officials and volunteers who usually make sure order is preserved in the stands.

[Image Credit | Sport Club do Recife]