How’d He Do That? Man Solves ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle With One Letter! [Video]

No matter how good you think you are at Wheel of Fortune, odds are, you’ll never be as good as this guy.

A contestant by the name of Rufus stunned everyone on Tuesday with the speed at which he solved a 17 letter puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

The category was “Event,” and Rufus made one guess.

He requested a T, and when it showed up in the second of two words, he had a few moments to contemplate the answer.

No one expected the Wheel of Fortune contestant to blurt out a sensible answer. However, that’s exactly what happened.

Somehow, Rufus looked at the puzzle and was able to guess “Championship Match”. A clearly stunned Pat Sajak informed Rufus that he was correct. It was hard to tell who was more surprised that the Wheel of Fortune round was over that quickly between Sajak and the brilliant contestant.

Based on his own surprised reaction, it seems as though Rufus went with his gut instinct, and it turned out to be correct. That lucky guess earned him $1700.

The video of the amazing Wheel of Fortune puzzle round was shortly after posted to the internet, and the story has quickly gone viral. According to ET, as impressive as this feat was, it’s actually the second time someone has managed to solve a puzzle with only one letter within the past couple of months. In December, a Wheel of Fortune contestant named Matt guessed “The Lone Ranger” as soon as the letter E became visible in the second word.

Perhaps what makes the Rufus’ Wheel of Fortune guess a little more impressive is that (a) it was a letter he thought of himself and (b) this puzzle had more letters, with the first word being lengthy enough to be boggling.

Well, at least to the normal Wheel of Fortune fans.

Of course, everyone talks about the amazing guesses, but over the years many more people have gone viral for some rather unfortunate Wheel of Fortune moments. Who can forget the college student that practically had the round won, but managed to mispronounce Achilles?

With Wheel of Fortune contestants like Julian, who actually managed to win despite his mistakes, it’s understandable that long-time host Pat Sajak can sometimes get a little frustrated. However, it’s easy to suppose that the amazing guesses by contestants like Rufus make it all worth while.

What’s the most amazing guess you’ve ever seen on Wheel of Fortune?

[Image Credit: Wheel Of Fortune]