NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Is Not Canceled, But Has A Second Season Been Ordered?

One of the most embattled TV shows to date, NBC’s Constantine, may not have seen its last magic trick. When the supernatural detective did not receive the “back nine”, or the complete 22 episode run a lot of shows seem to receive these days, most people counted the show out. However, NBC continued to air the remainder of the season, completing 13 episodes on Friday.

Many fans have argued, the show kept getting better, as it oddly seemed NBC was paying attention to every Constantine fan’s gripe or concern.

Despite not making the list of renewed 2015-2016 shows in NBC’s press release, as the Inquisitr reported last Monday, the little show that could might get renewed after all. According to Comicbook, one of the NBC show’s producers confirmed on Twitter that the show is not canceled. So then what is the status of the show? According to Daniel Cerone, it has one more shot to woo NBC.

“Jarrod B. @Dragonpiece
@DanielVCerone So any chance with NBC is done now? This show is technically cancelled?

Daniel Cerone:
.@Dragonpiece NBC made some early pickups but #Constantine not canceled. We’ll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May. Then they decide.”

A lot of Constantine fans should be thanking @Dragonpiece because he broke the earth shattering silence on this show. He further explained how the it was going to go, but stopped short of giving a definitive answer on the fate of the show.

“Writers will meet and discuss,Wherever we go, our hope would be to embrace serialization.”

Daniel Cerone, the most positive producer that constantly responds to fans, has always said that NBC hearts Constantine. Bleeding Cool reported that he has been leaving messages in his tweets like “NBC wants our success and DC is beast. Won’t say die” or “Matt and Angelica are doing Macy’s Parade. NBC wants #Constantine to grow”.

As usual, he is still asking that fans stream it, or watch it any paid way possible to keep NBC interested in keeping Constantine for a second season. This, Cerone theorizes, will also keep interest in the show potentially beyond NBC.

Though the move to the SyFy channel has been ruled out, Cerone seems determined to carry this show on one way or the other. Despite the 50/50 chance his last pitch in May will keep Constantine going, he seems determined to keep it on NBC, and said it will be on the network until it is not.

So, has the #Save Constantine army succeeded in keeping their show for a second season? Many will have to wait until May, 2015, three months from now, to hear the final verdict.

What are your thoughts?

Should Constantine receive a second season, or should NBC allow it to fade into obscurity?

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[Image Via NBC/JoBlo/Creative Commons]