Is Katy Perry Pregnant?

Pop star Katy Perry has fallen victim to the entertainment rumor mill once again, as reports began to circulate about a reunion with former boyfriend John Mayer and a baby on the way.

The latest cover of OK! Magazine features Katy with the the title in bold print, “Katy’s Pregnant!” The article supposedly reveals a rekindling of the romance between Perry and Mayer, along with speculation of an April wedding and a baby on the way.

Mayer was spotted last month at Katy’s Super Bowl performance, so a reconciliation between the two former lovers doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched notion, but as for the wedding and baby rumor, there is less evidence and confirmation.

Other news outlets claim that a source close to Katy Perry is denying the pregnancy rumors, stating, “She can’t even think about getting pregnant right now. She is in the middle of a world tour,” in reference to the continuation of Perry’s Prismatic World Tour.

While Katy herself has not come out to deny these rumors, she may be hinting to the fact that she is not with child.

Perry is currently in Italy for a performance and in a posting from her Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, she suggested she was still drinking alcohol, a habit that most people expecting a child try to put aside for nine months.

While some experts suggest that one small glass of wine a week won’t harm a baby, it seems unlikely that someone under the watchful public eye like Katy Perry would want the scrutiny.

Then again, Katy is known for marching to the beat of her own drum, seemingly indifferent to the controversy that surrounds her at times from the contention that she is a follower of the occult to the assertion that her half time performance was nothing more than a promotion of the “homosexual agenda.”

And let’s not forget just how sneaky those celebrities can be about hiding the news of impending parenthood. It was just in January, after several months of speculation, Perry’s fellow pop star Justin Timberlake finally took to Instagram to confirm his own impending fatherhood by posing with Jessica Biel’s rather round baby bump.

So is Katy Perry pregnant or isn’t she? The truth is, no one knows for certain except Katy Perry (and possibly John Mayer.) The rest of us will just have to wait and see what happens over the next nine months.

[Photo courtesy of Alex Wong/Getty Images]