‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ Trailer Released On YouTube Prior To Easter NBC Debut Of 12-Week Miniseries [Video]

AD The Bible Continues

It’s being called Game of Thrones meets the Bible, and the new “A.D. The Bible Continues – First Look” YouTube video trailer is getting so many views as of this writing that YouTube has given the A.D. The Bible preview clip their standard 301+ views given to YouTube videos going crazily viral. Viewers will have to wait until Resurrection Day, better known as Easter Sunday, on April 5, to tune into NBC to see the world premiere of the continuation and exploration of where The Bible left off last year — or rather, the scenes the popular TV mini-series left out. Published on February 18, the A.D. The Bible Continues trailer is a longer look at the show that was teased during a Super Bowl ad, as reported by the Inquisitr.

In A.D. The Bible Continues, untold millions of viewers can go along on another record-breaking viewership for the 12-week series, which shows the Crucifixion of Christ, as well as the Resurrection three epic days later. As in their The Bible series, a $22 million film that 100 million people watched, producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey once again cast a very diverse set of actors, as reported by the Washington Post, in order to continue the telling of the rise of Christianity, called “the most powerful global movement in history – the rise of the Church.” Therefore, actors cast as Mary Magdalene and the Apostle John and others may appear as refreshing and surprising as the casting of Samson in their prior epic miniseries.

A.D. The Bible Continues starts with the Crucifixion and The Resurrection – catalysts that altered history. What follows is the epic tale of “A.D.” chronicling several of the most intense and tumultuous decades in history. The complicated birth of the early Church was a time filled with enormous faith, persecution, political intrigue, brutal Roman oppression and the desperate Jewish revolt. The entire world was transformed, and the course of human history would be forever changed.”

More footage of A.D. The Bible Continues is featured on the ShareADtheSeries.com website dedicated to the series, one that was born when Mark Burnett got advice from his wife Roma Downey to take on the initial project. It was the seed of an idea so compelling that Burnett said he pondered the notion during a long bike ride, then returned home to tell Roma his answer was yes. This noteworthy follow-up to The Bible debuts April 5, Easter Sunday, at 9/8c on NBC.

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