Taylor Swift And Jimmy Fallon Get Their Jumbotron Dance Groove On

Taylor Swift visited the Tonight Show Tuesday night, where she and host Jimmy Fallon reminisced about the good times they’ve had together — including some purported Jumbotron dancing.

Prior to dancing, the interview started with Taylor congratulating Jimmy on his one year anniversary with the Tonight Show and the two seemed genuinely overwhelmed with excitement over their recent SNL 40th Anniversary Special appearances, in which Fallon had done the opening and Swift had acted in the “Californians” sketch.

“I was up on stage and I was there with Dan Aykroyd and Paul McCartney, and I couldn’t believe that,” Fallon said, flabbergasted.

“Yeah. That was the starting team,” Swift agreed in a starstruck moment.

“Yeah and I looked and I saw you out there and you were just awesomely cool and fun and just watching and dancing and I go like, ‘Please do you want to come up?’ And you came up and you go, ‘Do you have a guitar?’ And I go, ‘I love it! I love that you are going to jam out on the guitar! Yes I have a guitar!'”

From there Swift and Fallon went on to describe a totally unplanned moment in which Sir Paul McCartney requested Taylor strum out the Beatles hit ‘I Saw Her Standing There.’ Even Fallon and Swift’s reminiscence of the moment brought out some dance moves from the two in the form of ‘air guitar’ and some serious background vocals in the form of the ‘ooo’s’ from the classic song.

Taylor seemed even more flattered that Paul McCartney knew the lyrics to her hit “Shake it Off.”

“I was like, this is the reason for all the guitar lessons. This is the reason! This moment!”

Fallon went on to discuss Swift’s upcoming world tour, which starts in Japan soon, and her great success with her newest album, 1989, before they delighted the studio audience and home viewers with their synchronized dance moves.

In the skit, Swift and Fallon reacted like any other New York sports fan would when their mug is displayed on the Jumbotron screen — they jumped for joy and broke out some classic dance moves including the ‘robot’, the ‘sprinkler’, and the water dumping chair scene from the iconic Eighties dance flick Flashdance.

See it below.

Following the dance, in typical Jimmy Fallon fashion, it was time for a celebrity game in which he and Taylor went from dancing to drawing. The two attempted to draw each other without looking at their papers with some amazingly accurate results.

What do you think? Are they better at dancing or drawing?

[Image courtesy of NBC]