Bitchmeme desperation leads to snow leopard silliness

Yes the weekends can get boring around the old tech blogosphere which is one of the reasons why starting Friday mornings the more experienced tech bloggers start hunting up something – anything – to get a good old fashioned bitchmeme going. After all what's the point of just have the same old boring stuff to constantly re-hash for two days and a fresh news cycle starts.

However sometimes that desperation for a weekend bitchmeme really does nothing more than show how shallow we can all be sometimes; and this weekend was no different with the appearance of a snow leopard as the background picture for search page. Now for those that might not grasp the humor behind this it should be pointed out that the next update/release of Mac OS X is codenamed snow leopard.

Ha ha ha ha.

Gizmodo was the first it appears to question why this beautiful picture of a snow leopard made the search page background; which lead to a whole discussion on Twitter about the meaning behind Microsoft doing this. Of course not one to let a chance go by the folks at LiveSide had their little bit of fun with it suggesting that it was nothing more than a sly wink at Apple.

Now as humorous as this all might have been up till this point it was Ina Fried at c|net who just had to throw some whoopee cushions on the fire to see what would result by suggesting that this was a hint that Microsoft and Apple had cut a search deal

But another crazy thought crossed my mind. What if Microsoft has landed a deal to make Live Search the default in the next version of the Mac OS. For a long time now, Apple's Safari has had a Google search bar built-in. I don't know how much traffic that generates for the search giant, but it would seem to be at least as significant as some of the PC deals that Microsoft is paying good money to get.

But thank goodness for saner heads like MG Siegler over on ParisLemon who quickly and succinctly put the kibosh on that idea

Uh, you should have stopped at "But" Ina. Forget for a second that it's the whole Microsoft/Apple thing — Do you really think Apple would ever think Live Search, which next to no one uses, is good enough to be an integral part of their OS? No. Let me repeat: No.

All in all though on a scale of 1 to 10 for bitchmemes this might rate a 5 for humor but definitely doesn't even move the bar in regards to being a good old fashion bitchmeme – in fact it was pretty pathetic.

[picture courtesy of Gizmodo]