Pizza Hut Australia Launches Promotional Nail Polish Line For Valentine's Day

No, you read that right. Pizza Hut came up with a new Valentine's day promotion.

The Cut is reporting that the Australian branch of the Pizza Hut conglomerate came up with the promotional gimmick sometime last year. They created a Valentine's Day contest in which contestants would write a poem to be submitted for the contest. The theme, of course, was love of pizza. The whole idea sprang out of suggestions from customers messages and comments.

Unfortunately, the sets were created strictly for the poem contest only, so there are none for sale just yet. If they continue to deliver this kind of buzz, they may not only become available for sale in Australia but in the United States, as well.

PR Wire is reporting that, according to Pizza Hut Australia Head of Marketing and Innovation Fatima Syed, "The Pizza Hut Supreme Style collection celebrates what we love about pizza and we couldn't think of a better time than Valentine's Day for those looking for a truly memorable gift!"

"Each of the fresh and bright polish colours were inspired by our menu, whether it be an ingredient, or one of our favourite pizza flavours like Voracious Vege and Sparkling Supreme."

"The Pizza Hut nail polish follows the hugely popular Eau de Pizza Hut perfume and like its predecessor, is for those who like their pizza with a drop of pizzazz!"

This sent thousands of Australian Pizza Hut fans to the Pizza Hut Australia Facebook page to submit their entry into the poem-writing contest. There were only 35 winners since only 35 packages of the nail polish were made.

Bustle has listed the eight colors as follows: Sparkling Supreme (Sparkly Red), Say Cheese (Yellow), Make It Great (Red), Aloha Boys (Pink), Poppin Pepperoni (Purple), Dough You Need Me (Ecru), Meat Me After Midnight (Pale Bratwurst), and Voracious Veggie (a rather light lime green).

It seems that the Australian arm of the Pizza Hut family is keen on creating different promotions to entice their customers to stay loyal. This year, it was nail polish for Valentine's Day. Last year, as stated earlier, the contest rallied around a Pizza Hut eau de parfum. While it sets the mind to work wondering what they will come up with next year, one has to wonder why the American arm of the Pizza Hut franchise has not either followed suit or come up with something similar. Hopefully, the Pizza Hut America people will come up with something fun for us to participate in.