Wayne Rooney Vs Wade Barrett At ‘WrestleMania’? Twitter Argument Leads To Fight Agreement

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney has agreed to fight at WrestleMania after becoming entangled in a Twitter argument with WWE star Wade Barrett.

Rooney had been accused by Preston fans of diving to win a penalty, which he subsequently converted, during Manchester United’s FA Cup encounter. The Red Devils ultimately won the match 3-1.

WWE star Wade “Bad News” Barrett, who hails from Preston and is a huge PNE fan, took it upon himself to lambast Rooney after the England forward’s soft tumble, taking to Twitter to declare.

But rather than wilting under the pressure being forced upon him by Barrett, Rooney took the opportunity to respond by offering to fight the WWE grappler.

But only if he got a helping hand from one particular wrestling legend, a certain Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Barrett was more than willing to partake in such an event. He then looked to spice up the encounter by suggesting his very own tag-team partner and even named a time and place — as long his boss agreed to it, though.

Kevin Davies, who plays for Wade Barrett’s beloved Preston North End, insisted that he would be more than willing to join in the tussle. In fact, he even admitted that his six week training camp for the bout would begin instantly.

Meanwhile, Stone Cold Steve Austin even joined in the Twitter conversation. After Rooney was teased for undergoing hair transplant surgery, Austin insisted that the soccer star should be proud of his dome.

Rooney then proved just how big a fan of WWE he was by then repeating one of Steve Austin’s most quoted lines.

It will be interesting to hear what Manchester United manager, Louis Van Gaal, thinks about this exchange.

Meanwhile, the fact that Kevin Davies is widely regarded as one of the dirtiest English soccer players in modern history means that Rooney would have to be careful of the forward’s sneaky tactics.

[Image via SportsKeeda]