ISIS Executioner In Beheading Of 21 Egyptian Christians An American?

The merciless ISIS executioner, who very calmly rants about “conquering Rome” in the video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya, could be an American.

The murderer was apparently the leader of the pack who carried out the gruesome mass beheading in a clip released last weekend. The video has shocked the world and taken ISIS’ brutality to a whole new level.

In the video we see the captives, dressed in the now-familiar orange jumpsuits, as they walk to the place in which they are to be killed. They each have a guard, dressed in all black, except one, who wears army fatigue and a different color mask from the rest of the group.

It is this man that intelligence officials are interested in, because he is the one doing the talking in the video. According to a report in the Daily Mail, intelligence officials are analyzing the man’s voice and facial features and think the ISIS jihadi spoke with an American accent.

Professor Erik Thomas — a linguistics expert at North Carolina State University — believes he “sounds like an American” with some Arabic influence, based on some of the pronunciation. An unidentified source thinks the ISIS terrorist picked up his accent by spending a “significant amount of time” in the U.S.

Following the ISIS beheading of the 21 Christians, Egypt launched a bombing campaign targeting training camps used by the Islamic terrorist group. It is widely believed that westerners are joining the ranks of ISIS, including American, British, and Australian nationals, among others.


The 21 Christians beheaded by the ISIS militants had reportedly come to Libya looking for work they couldn’t find at home in Egypt, and were nabbed by the terrorists last year. It was unclear as to what their fate was until the disturbing video surfaced showing their demise.

The Obama administration has been criticized for not calling ISIS “Islamic extremists,” and is perceived as not doing enough in the fight against the most brutal radical group known to the world in recent memory. ISIS is now responsible not only of the beheading of the 21 Christians, but of burning alive a Jordanian pilot, the beheading of several westerners — including Americans, the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller, and the beheading of two Japanese hostages. All of these crimes have been recorded on videos and posted on social media.

Intelligence officials continue to analyze the leader of the ISIS group that killed the 21 Christians to determine whether he is an American and what area he comes from.

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