Bodybuilders Trying To Bulk Up Muscles By Buying Breast Milk Online, But Is It Safe?

breast milk

There’s just about nothing in the world that a dedicated bodybuilder won’t do to achieve the perfect muscle tone, and that includes eating and drinking things that most people would find disgusting.

Along with plenty of heavy weights, a nice sweaty wife-beater and a flask of whey powder protein supplement, breast milk is the latest craze to sweep the bodybuilding world, as it is believed to be the ultimate muscle builder, when drunk in large quantities.

But as Brett Schoenfeld, a former competitive body builder and now an assistant professor of exercise science at CUNY Lehman College in New York City, told reporters, “It isn’t common, but I’ve known people who have done this. It’s certainly talked about quite a bit on the bodybuilding forums on the Internet.”

Even though some studies do indicate that breast milk has a number of advantages for newborn babies, there’s no scientific reason to suggest it builds muscles in adults.

To put it into perspective, if the intention is to take in more protein, one cup of breast milk contains only 2.5 grams of protein compared to 7.9 grams of protein in a cup of cow’s milk.

On top of that, breast milk is obviously way more expensive than cow’s milk, which costs roughly $3.44 a gallon, while breast milk retails online at $10 an ounce.

And due to poor collection, storage and shipping practices, milk from unregulated breast milk internet sites is way more likely to be contaminated.

Nevertheless, as Schoenfeld pointed out, those facts won’t stop bodybuilders from purchasing what they see as the amber nectar of breast milk, “Bodybuilders are a strange breed of individuals. Even if this type of thing is completely unsupported by research, they’re prone to gym lore and willing to give it a shot if there is any potential effect,” he said.