Woman’s Bra Holster: Fatal Shot Goes Off As Female Officer Adjusts Holster

A police woman’s bra holster fired a fatal shot while she was getting ready for work in January. The incident took place in Lakeside, Michigan, on New Year’s Day.

Police say 55-year-old Christina Bond was adjusting her handgun in her bra holster when the weapon went off, MLive reports.

St. Joseph Public Safety detectives are waiting for official results from an autopsy performed on Bond. Updated information on Bond’s death was released. St. Joseph Public Safety Director Mark Clapp explains that Bond was having “trouble” adjusting her bra holster and the fatal shot was fired when “she couldn’t get it to fit the way she wanted it to.”

“She was having trouble adjusting her bra holster, couldn’t get it to fit the way she wanted it to. She was looking down at it and accidentally discharged the weapon.”

The woman was found with a gunshot wound to one of her eyes. Police responded to the scene around 5:10 p.m. Bonds was rushed to Lakeland Hospital, then transferred to Bronson Methodist Hospital. She was pronounced dead January 2.

According to her obituary, the Herald-Palladium reports that Bond served two years in the U.S. Navy after high school and was an active member of the Christian Motorcycle Association. She was a avid churchgoer and physically fit. She won the 2013 title of Miss Michigan Figure Overall Championship.

Christina Bond was a mother to two sons.


Bond isn’t the only police officer who’s accidentally shot herself recently. As the Inquisitr wrote, an off-duty police officer in Kentucky accidentally shot himself with his handgun. The bullet didn’t directly hit him, but ricocheted off an elevator wall and hit him in the stomach. His injuries were non-life threatening.

In a new report just out by Chicago Tribune, an officer accidentally shot himself inside the Bridgeview Courthouse. The wound to his is declared as non-life threatening and no one else was injured in the incident. It happened when the officer went to get a handgun in the locker room around 9:30 a.m. Chicago police say a smoke detector went off in the courthouse, but there wasn’t any smoke; the device was reportedly malfunctioning. People evacuated the building and no one reported hearing a shot fired from the gun. There was an odor of burning rubber, according to the report.

Hearing that a police woman’s bra holster was unadjusted and aided in a fatal shot is undoubtedly unsettling to female officers.

[Photo Credit: KORD 102.7]