Ever wondered how Google makes all that money? Well now you can see for yourself [Infographic]

Steven Hodson

There is no doubt that Google makes a boatload, or several boatloads, of money and for the most part is the darling of Wall Street and investors.

For those of us that aren't part of that rarefied circle of people there is the oft asked question of just how does Google make all that money and able to afford all those free perks for its employees?

Well the good folks at Wordstream decided help us out and pulled together a whole bunch of data to create an infographic that breaks down Google's revenues for 2011 which includes such tidbits like the fact that 96% of their revenue came from advertising.

Now that probably won't come as much of a surprise to anyone but the breakdown of the who and how much makes for some interesting reading.

h/t to Andrew