Muslim Teacher Who Posted ‘Hitler You Were Right’ Image On Facebook Fired And Fined $700

A 35-year-old Muslim high school teacher from Tower Hamlets in the UK was fired from his position and fined nearly $700 after he posted a picture of Adolf Hitler, along with the caption, “Yes man, you were right.”

Mahmudul Choudhury was reported to police for sharing the image by a Jewish student whom he had previously added on Facebook, who took offense to the posting for obvious reasons.

While the father-of-two pleaded guilty to the racially aggravated offence at an earlier hearing, it is not known why he decided to post the openly racist and hurtful post.

The full caption printed on top of the picture of Hitler read, “Yes man, you were right… I could have killed all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was killing them. Share this picture to tell the truth a whole world.”

The Muslim teacher wore a suit and tie when he appeared at Bromley Magistrates Court yesterday. Prosecutor Tovin Odumade recounted the incident.

“On July 11 of last year Mr Choudhury had posted an image on his Facebook account of Adolf Hitler. This Facebook poster was seen at the school where Mr Choudhury worked, this pupil is Jewish and it caused him distress so alerted the police. This led to Mr Choudhury being arrested and taken to the police station where he was interviewed.”

Odumade added, “He was shown the poster on his Facebook account and he confirmed it was his Facebook profile. He said the poster had been sent to him but he had shared it accidentally. When asked about the caption above it he admitted writing it but stated that he posted the image by accident.”

Meanwhile the accused man’s defense attorney told the court, ‘This is a young man in his mid-30’s, a family man of impeccable good character, never been spoken to by the police before who was absolutely adamant he holds no anti-semitic or other extremist views.”


An interesting defense seeing as Choudhury admitted openly that he had made the image and posted it, albeit by “mistake.”

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Communications at the Campaign Against Antisemitism spoke about the issue.

“Teachers have a special responsibility in our society and shape the minds of our children. Mahmudul Choudhury cannot plead ignorance and has today been spared any meaningful punishment for spreading a hateful message which helps create the climate in which Jews are currently being killed across Europe.”

For most people, the punishment Mr Choudhury received for his open racism is not enough as the British justice system struggles to find ways to stop anti-Semetism spreading at the hands of radical Islamists in the UK.