Dinesh D’Souza To President Obama: ‘You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Ghetto…’

Dinesh D’Souza, conservative author and screenwriter – and convicted felon – sent out a series of tweets criticizing President Obama, including one that began with the phrase, “You can take the boy out of the ghetto…”

Apparently D’Souza is outraged over a video showing President Obama using a selfie stick and saying the phrase “Yolo!” The video, which was recorded by Obama in order to promote health insurance sign-ups, quickly went viral, and seemed to spark a lot of criticism from conservatives and conservative news outlets.

D’Souza sent out a tweet of a photo of President Obama using the selfie-stick, and wrote, “You can take the boy out of the ghetto…Watch this vulgar man show his stuff, while America cowers in embarrassment.”

His tweet sparked outrage of its own, as many users responded to what they saw as D’Souza’s usage of racially-charged language. Even his own fans and followers were shocked by the conservative’s word choices, calling him racist and quickly pointing to his own September sentencing for campaign fraud as a basis for vulgarity.

D’Souza claimed that his ghetto reference was used metaphorically, and that he was simply trying to express his view that Obama is “classless.” He tweeted, “I know Obama wasn’t actually raised in a ghetto–I’m using the term metaphorically, to suggest his unpresidential conduct.”

He added, with increased anger, “TRANSLATING FOR OBAMA GROUPIES: A guy without class doesn’t become a classy guy, even when he’s in the White House.”

He ended his defense of using racially-charged language by blaming it all on liberals, tweeting, “THE INDIGNATION BRIGADE: The charge of racism is the first refuge of the liberal scoundrel.”

This isn’t the first time that D’Souza has been under fire for questionable comments directed at President Obama. Over the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday, D’Souza tweeted, “I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!” He was once again attacked through social media for what many saw as racism. He initially condemned what he referred to as the “feigned outrage on the left” over the language used in his tweet, he did eventually delete it. D’Souza has also referred to Obama as “a captive of the ideology of a Luo tribesman.”

D’Souza is the author of several books, including The Roots of Obama’s Rage, as well as the documentary 2016: Obama’s America. The film was largely criticized because D’Souza claimed to have investigated Obama, but much of what is included in the film are merely D’Souza’s own projections and speculations. The White House dismissed the film as “an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the president.”

What do you think? Was D’Souza’s decision to refer to President Obama as a “boy” and imply that he was from the “ghetto” racist, or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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