‘Dying Light’ Developers Launch Devs Tips Vids, Shows How To Best Survive The Night [VIDEO]

Dying Light Tips Video

Dying Light developer Techland has recently released a video series on their YouTube channel titled “Devs Tips Vids.” The video series is aimed at helping players make the most out of their experience in Harran.

In the press release, the Dying Light developer is trying to help players eke the most out of their experience in the game. The first episode, named “The More the Merrier,” focuses on how your experience can be improved by playing with friends. Also in the first video are some tips on how to invade your friends as the Night Hunter.

Some other topics for Dying Light developer Techland to explore are efficient zombie combat, surviving the night, the art of movement and more. The videos will be released daily starting February 17 and go through the 22. Maciej Binkowski, Lead Gameplay Designer for Dying Light, will host the daily videos. As of this writing, the second video has been released titled “Traversing the Zone,” focusing on the fluid and frantic movement that Dying Light was sold on.

Dying Light has been making headlines recently thanks to some controversy around the game’s modding support. In an initial patch following the game’s release, Techland locked the files used to mod the game on the PC. As reported by Polygon, Techland promised to release modding tools for Dying Light, and the anger expressed by the modders prompted a recent patch to lift the ban.

Techland’s zombie game as made some headlines for good reasons, though. By offering a “hard mode” to players for free, Dying Light is bucking current DLC trends, especially when games released around the same time offer 44 pieces of DLC the day their game launches. That’s not to say that Dying Light will be devoid of paid DLC, rather the developers are choosing to add features to the game to support players and not to just make a quick dime off them.

As the days progress, a new tips video will be posted on the Dying Light YouTube channel. While a lot of the world has been able to get their hands on the zombie title, not every region has enjoyed a physical release.

Dying Light will hit store shelves in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa on February 27. It is currently available for download via Steam, Xbox Marketplace and Playstation Network. Have you been able to survive the quarantine in Dying Light? Sound off on your tips in the comments below.

[Image via Techland]