Brennan Clay Posts Inspirational Instagram Message On Day Of His Arrest: Wife Gina D’Agostini Says He Choked, Punched Her

Brennan Clay

While DeMarco Murray was having a breakout year last season for the Dallas Cowboys, drama with his ex-teammate Brennan Clay, was on the back of fans’ minds. It all started when Clay posted social media messages of what Brennan claimed were texts he found between his wife, Gina D’Agostini, and Murray, as reported by the Inquisitr. The so-called “Brennan Clay affair” played out publicly, as DeMarco Murray was accused of violating the “bro code” and sleeping with his former University of Oklahoma Sooners teammate’s new wife, and messing up Clay’s five-month marriage to Gina.

Brennan Clay claimed Gina hid DeMarco Murray’s name under the moniker “Spray Tan” on her phone, and said Gina began texting DeMarco on October 5, that he knew of, after Clay kissed her and her two children goodbye at the airport before leaving for his workout with the Chargers. The controversy continued, as DeMarco Murray remained silent on the matter for a time, not responding on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to Brennan Clay’s accusations against Murray.

On February 17, however, the public learned that the drama wasn’t over with Brennan Clay and his wife. According to TMZ, Clay was arrested on January 27, and with the arrest came more details about entire DeMarco Murray controversy. First of all, Brennan’s arrest report from Dallas County, Texas, detailed horrific charges of what Gina informed the police that Clay did to her, a laundry list of complaints that charged Brennan with kicking down Gina’s door and punching her repeatedly. The police report also stated that Gina claimed Brennan tossed her on their kitchen countertop and dragged her down a flight of stairs, all throughout shrubs outside and including choking.

According to Gina, the assault didn’t end outside, but went on to allege that Brennan brought Gina back into the home and continued to punch her and throw her around the house. Gina suffered a bloody injury to her right leg, along with cuts — injuries noted by the cops after Gina gained the opportunity to call them. Brennan was hiding in an alley when police arrived, and that’s when Clay was arrested for the assault.

Despite the posting a photo on December 23, wherein Brennan and Gina look lovey-dovey and comfortable in bed, with Clay issuing a mea culpa about the Murray situation, Clay planned to file for divorce all the same — seemingly jumping back and forth between forgiveness and anger, and never telling the public if Gina was cheating with someone other than Murray or not at all.

“Jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t true…can’t judge a situation without knowing all the facts..I apologize..”

Brennan Clay has yet to comment about his arrest news, however, his Instagram account posted a spiritual message on January 27, the day of his arrest.

“Just remember the second you decide to give up could be the second God is turning your situation around. Have a blessed day!”

[Image via Brennan Clay Instagram]