‘Mons Pubis’ On Women A Bad Thing Now? The ‘Thigh Gap’ Has Nothing On This One

Are you familiar with the term “mons pubis”? Let’s just say that if you think the “thigh gap” or “bikini bridge” is a slightly unrealistic body image for women to maintain, how about completely changing a portion of your lady parts?

According to several reports, since the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition came out with the model Hannah Davis on the cover, women now have another body part to be insecure about.

The mons pubis is defined as the mound of fatty tissue just above the pubic bone, or, the upper part of the vulva below the navel. Davis is seen with complete flatness where her thumbs so suggestively pull down her bikini bottom just above this area. It’s causing quite a stir among women and has the hashtag of #monspubis on Twitter.

Take a look at what The New York Times writes about the new “mons pubis” obsession.

“… Formerly among the most private of private parts, the mons pubis is now just another area to be pruned and policed; examined and improved, weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

Author, Jennifer Weiner, adds that this was “formerly unnoticed span of flesh” until the Davis’ cover on the SI Swimsuit issue.

As The Frisky puts it, the mons pubis is the “new underboob on the red carpet” — as high split dresses barely cover the sides of the vagina. Celebrities are going without panties and paparazzi are hoping to snap a picture of an inevitable “wardrobe malfunction.”

So, what are women doing to get the trending look of the “mons pubis”? They’re getting a monsplasty, also referred to as a “pubic lift.” It’s “a surgical procedure used to reduce and tighten the mons pubis,” according to TKG News. A lot of women who spend time on the beach are a big market in the procedure.

The “bikini bridge” was hot in the headlines last year in the midst of a “thinspiration” debate. A bikini bridge is the the area where a swimsuit bottom is slightly “suspended” between the hip bones. A small gap between the lower abdomen and the swimsuit is considered a bikini bridge.

Should women buy into the new “mons pubis” ideal? The media is known to play on their insecurities when it comes to poor body image.

Again, The New York Times sums it up quite simply.

“Girls’ and women’s lives matter. Their safety and health and their rights matter. Whether every inch of them looks like a magazine cover?”

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]