Herion Addicted Aspiring Model Posts Suicide Note on Facebook

Paul Zolezzi, a 30 year old aspiring model with a heroin addiction hung himself in New York Friday, but only after leaving his last words on Facebook.

Zolezzi left his suicide note via a status update on Facebook that read “born in San Francisco, became a shooting star over everywhere, and ended his life in Brooklyn… And couldn’t have asked for more.”

New York Daily News quoted Zolezzi’s mother saying tat her son had been in a downward spiral since a broken engagement two years ago: “I would say that people get so lonely, so delusional, that all they want to do is be remembered….He probably wanted to be remembered in a big way, to do it dramatically – that’s what drugs will do to people.”

A friend didn’t take the note seriously, posting in reply to the status message: “Are you dying? or just staying brooklyn? I hope its the latter.”