Morgan Geyser: Disturbing Details Released In Teenage Girls’ Violent ‘Slender Man’ Stabbing

Disturbing details are being released in connection with two teenage girls who stabbed a schoolmate a total of 19 times because they wanted to “please” fictional character Slender Man.

As previously reported by the Inquistr, the shocking crime happened last May. Two 12-year old girls, Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weierwere, plotted how to kill their friend Payton Leutner for months before finally taking her into the woods and stabbing her a total of 19 times. In doing so, the two girls pierced their friend’s liver, pancreas, and stomach, and barely missed an artery near the girl’s heart, all in hopes that they would become so-called “proxies” of Slender Man, whom they believed was real.

Police complaints read, “It was the hope that the victim would die and they would see Slender and know that he exists.”

And now the notebook of Morgan Geyser has been released to the court during the girl’s preliminary hearing, where the judge will decide whether or not she will be charged as an adult for attempted first-degree murder, a charge that will carry up to 65 years if she is found guilty.

Geyser’s attorney is arguing that Geyser is mentally disturbed, and she believed if she didn’t kill her friend that Slender Man would go after her own family. Because of her beliefs, he is arguing that since Geyser thought she was defending herself, a charge of attempted second-degree intentional homicide is more appropriate. And, since the girl is under 18, she would face that count in children’s court, which means she could not be held past the age of 25.

And the defense has plenty of evidence to prove that Geyser does appear to be disturbed.

The notebook contained writings and drawings that prove Geyser was obsessed with Slender Man. One of the drawings presented was a cartoon of one young girl standing over the corpse of another girl, with a speech bubble that chillingly pronounced, “I love killing people.”

There were over 60 drawings of Slender Man, a private detective working for the defense testified. He further testified that many of the drawings included disturbing notes such as “not safe even in your house” and “he is here always.”

In addition to the many drawings, the detective also presented to the court the Barbie dolls he had found that belonged to Geyser. The dolls were all mutilated, missing hands and feet or with dismembered limbs and satanic markings covering their torsos.

“I think we did a good job showing she believed (Slender Man) was real… across time and environment,” defense attorney Anthony Cotton said. “She believed in Slender Man. She believed he would hurt the family.”

On the prosecution side, Geyser’s list of “Supplies Necessary” was presented. On that list was “map of forest” — presumably for the woods were the crime took place — and weapons.

What do you think? Did the girls’ attempt to kill their friend because they believed they were protecting their families — or in order to please a fictitious Slender Man character? And either way, do you think it’s appropriate to try them in an adult court for their crimes?

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[Images via the New York Daily News]